I looked at his blue eyes as he kept bending. Then all of a sudden he stopped and smiled making his dimples show and I felt his lips on my left cheek. I thought he was going to kiss me."I wasn't going to kiss you, pumpkin. Don't be scared "

He stood up and pulled me up too, some eyes on us. All the girls were glaring at me, especially Tasha, who was holding a knife? Was she really going to stab me?

I sat down back on my seat ignoring the girl at my back, calling my name. "What the hell do you want?"

"Are you and Jace dating? "What the fu... Hell? I ignored her. No, and we will never date.

"Pumpkin, do you think we should practice in your room or mine, today?"

"Yours" I said without hesitating. I loved Jace's room, it was painted blue and grey. Posters of musicians on the wall, and also a picture of both of us at the beach when we were on break last year summer. It was a beautiful picture, he was pecking my cheek while I smiled.

The thing I liked most in his room is his bed. It's so soft and his pillows are fluffy. "Thinking of me? "I turned to look at Jace, who was smirking.

I groaned. I hated it when he smirked. "You wish." I shoved the scripts into my bag and faced Jace, "What are you planning? Popcorn, movie night or ice-cream, brownies, cookies, or we do milkshake fight? "I was the one smirking now, remembering a day.

When I went to Jace's house one Friday, I saw a milkshake on the kitchen counter and I grabbed it. When I started sipping, Jace came and put in a straw and sipped out of it. I glared at him and poured the milkshake on him. He glared back at me, took the glass cup of milkshake I hadn't noticed and poured it on me, then we started a milkshake fight.

Jace was the one totally soaked with milk, he still smelled of milk that day even after he took a shower twice. I laughed remembering. He hit my shoulder playfully. "It wasn't funny, Irish. I swear the next time you do that... "

"Mr Jonas, please keep your mouth damn shut!"Mrs McCall yelled at Jace, who only shrugged.


After class, I waited for my other two best friends, Hailey and Nina. We didn't have the same class for first period.

Speaking of Hailey, she has a red hair, more like a ginger red hair. She's is like the typical fashionista girl, unlike me. She loves parties, makeup and she is a real bad ass. She also likes wearing crop tops and bum shorts, and sneakers, especially Adidas and Nike. Thats the only thing we had in common, sneakers and that we are both girls obviously.

is more badass than Hailey. She dyes her hair every month, and now her hair is black with blue and purple stripes. I use to wonder how her hair hasn't cut off since. She also wears crop tops and bum shorts. She goes to all the bash that happens in New York. She loves wearing heels,

am more closer to her than Hailey. We have

That's more like

blue Nike. Nina was wearing a red crop top, just like me, but a bum short, while I wore denim

bitch?" More like Hailey. I hit her arm playfully, then we all did

not to call

They both laughed."So are you coming for Nate's

are not coming!" Nina

I am coming" And obviously the next thing they was to scream, people were already eyeing

your makeup." Hailey tugged


Its time you show Jace that you are not

scoffed. "Pfft. It's not like he wouldn't still see me as a

it a little faith and try." Nina said wiggling her eyebrows at me and I couldn't help but

when I got a glimpse of Jace making out with

I still don't know why you still like Jace. There are other guys out there. I am sorry, but


wearing the same

said knowing

bought at the mall and black heels." Guessed as


"I don't want to

a brow. "You are not objecting, Iri. We are going to that

alright." I have

someone put a hand around my shoulder. I turned around

Hailey and Nina. "Sup,

for tomorrow."

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