French Kiss For The Nerd

Chapter 1: PROLOGUE ?

"Now it's my turn." Nate said smirking at me. I was thinking that he was going to dare me to do a very nasty thing, so I shot him a glare. He smirked and then looked at Gabe.

Why was he looking at Gabe? Don't tell me he will give a dare that will be between Gabe and I It will be embarrassing really...

"I dare Gabe to kiss Irish for two minutes. " Nate said,and what the fuck? "A french kiss." He added.

I looked at Gabe, he was also looking at me,but he was also smirking. Did they plan this?

I wasn't ready for my first kiss, and I never wanted to loose it to Cahill, not on a truth and dare game!

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moved closer until our lips were

bad." He smashed his lips on mine before I


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bad ass type, her best friend and secret crush since 10th grade. Jace, who only gets to girl's pants, having girlfriends every one

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