Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 777 A Surge Of Ants (Part One)

The secret guards carefully watched while Harper skillfully cut off the poisonous snakes' heads. Without a hint of hesitation or disgust, she then peeled their skin and cut their stomach. Such a beautiful woman was butchering such a dangerous animal but they didn't think that she was rugged at all. Instead, they felt like she was gallant and heroic. It actually made her even more charming.

"Two snakes are not enough for us. There're fifteen of us!" Diana exclaimed while she approached Harper. The snakes were poisonous with very sharp teeth. Their toxins were concentrated in their head. So as long as their heads were cut off, the whole team didn't need to worry about being poisoned.

"Enough!" Harper replied while she took out a small tripod from her pocket. When she refined pills in the Birch Pass, she found out that the tripod could change size after being infused with spiritual power. She had already experienced going to another world and being reborn, so she was kind of used to this kind of thing. She didn't think that it was strange at all.

But the others were not like her. For the first time, they just witnessed how an object went from a small one to a large one. They could only look at Harper in awe and worship.

"We don't have any water. The water here is not safe for drinking," Diana complained once again, reminding Harper that everything around them was poisonous. Even the rain from the sky was toxic because of the miasma.

"Who said there's no water?" Harper rhetorically asked while her eyes fell on a lush tree. The tree was very thick, and its leaves were big and appealing. She pulled out the dagger and stabbed it into the trunk a few times. Soon enough, the tree's sap came out. She put the tripod under it so it could collect the sap.

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but I still managed to survive." After that, Harper picked some wild grass nearby while the sap was being collected. Diana had a very keen eyesight and realized

her to go to the other side. Harper asked someone to start a fire and put the chopped snake meat into the tripod to make soup. The

soup. She couldn't hide her disappointment while she sighed deeply. If she could keep these medicinal herbs, she could refine so many rare

the snake meat soup was ready, Diana started eating. She was still upset about it. But after eating the first mouthful, she actually felt good. After the second, she felt comfortable. After the third mouthful, she suddenly felt that it was worth it to cook all of the herbs into the pot of soup. She had never eaten snake meat soup as delicious as

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when I can be a princess living an extravagant life without

secret guards stated in chorus. Then, one of them said, "For me, it's such an honor and privilege to have a chance of eating some food which is cooked by Her Highness. It's

he was and whether he was able to settle the dispute in the Birch Pass. She could only hope that he would find it in him to be calm if he found out that she had entered the swamp. Harper thought that hopefully, he had enough trust in her abilities to survive

the change in Harper's expression, a touch of sadness flitted

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