Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 773 Forced Into The Labyrinth Swamp (Part One)

After briefly glancing at Diana who was becoming paler by the second, Harper quickly looked in the opposite direction. From where they were situated, there were two roads that she could see. One was the road where they had come from as they left the Starry Palace, and the other was the road behind it. But the road in front of them led to the South Kingdom's Labyrinth Swamp which was extremely dangerous. Up until then, it was said that no one could get out of there alive.

Moreover, the Holy Mountain served as a natural barrier, blocking the swamp from flowing to the South Kingdom. Harper thought that no matter which road they chose, it would be extremely difficult to survive. Entering the swamp would mean risking their lives. On the other hand, if they went down the mountain, the situation wasn't any better.

When Howard finally caught up with Harper, he was surprised to see that she had stopped walking. So, he anxiously asked, "Why did you stop?"

"It wouldn't be wise to go down," Harper stated in a soft tone while looking at the road which descended to the foot of the mountain.

Howard frowned and immediately responded, "Don't worry. Even if it meant fighting our way out, we'll definitely find a way for you!"

"We don't have to fight head-on. I'm afraid that the army in the imperial capital has been waiting for us at the foot of the mountain. If we go down, we will have to defend ourselves from countless enemies. By then, we will be too exhausted and even killed." Harper turned to the other direction where weeds had overgrown and few people had been there, because it was the notorious Labyrinth Swamp. "Everyone, come with me. Let's enter the swamp!"

"You're crazy!" Howard exclaimed while quickly blocking Harper's way. "Do you know how dangerous the swamp is? Once you enter it, you won't be able to come out alive!"

However, Harper looked very calm. "The worst possibility is death. But, I really think that we have at least a chance of survival there. On the other hand, if we go down the mountain and force our way out, there is not a bit of that chance and we will certainly die. Catherine is not going to let us leave the South Kingdom alive."

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Harper said, "Brother, trust

how long it had been since she had called him like that. All the tension and strain vanished into thin air with the single word. He turned around to avoid anyone from seeing his embarrassment, because he

lead in entering the Labyrinth Swamp. Leaving Diana to the secret guards, Harper followed his brother. Meanwhile, when Catherine, the Holy Maiden almost caught up with the runaways, she saw a group of people disappearing at the

"You have a way of surviving, but you didn't choose it. You're asking for death! Harper, now that you entered the Labyrinth Swamp, you wouldn't be able to come out alive. However, you're doing me a favor. With this decision, I don't have to stain my hands and kill my

rush. When he noticed that Diana was not with her, he asked, "Your Grace, may I

Harper. The latter was escaping so quickly that she didn't pay attention to the route and led a group

turned pale with fear. Everyone knew the dangers that came with the Labyrinth Swamp. Even if the most powerful shaman were to enter the place, they

the palace and report this unfortunate event

the fire. "And, Diana had been hurt by Harper. The Labyrinth Swamp is shrouded in heavy miasma. I'm afraid... I'm afraid the situation

"Yes, Your Grace."

Birch Pass had fallen under the control of Matthew. In a few days, he had taken control of the pass. It was a clear indication of how terrible yet capable he was. The two hundred thousand soldiers of the south domain were completely defeated

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