Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 771 Try Murdering Her Own Sister (Part One)

At the end of the battle, the Birch Pass seemed to be washed with blood. It ended with Luther losing his life and Shawn getting severely injured. Shawn had been lying on the bed almost to the point of being lifeless. His face writhed in pain as he struggled to get up. Just then Joshua knocked the acupuncture point in Shawn's neck. As a result, the latter passed out and was forced to have a rest.

"The Black Flag Army still has me, so you don't need to strain yourself so much," Joshua said in a low yet decisive tone, glancing at Shawn who was in sleep. Joshua then, turned to Mathew and asked, "Your Highness, shall we continue to attack?"

Mathew tapped his index finger on the table unconsciously as he said, "Yes, continue attacking the pass. Use the best of the crossbows and also launch fire attacks."

Upon the order, Joshua's eyes lit up in excitement. He said, "Yes, Your Highness. I will make all the necessary arrangements right away."

The Black Flag Army was well equipped with upgraded armaments and improved crossbows. However, from where these advanced and upgraded crossbows came, was a secret that Mathew kept only to himself. Joshua had no idea about it.

Francis was shattered after Luther's death at the battle, but he did not have the luxury to grieve Luther's death. He gathered himself up to address his men. He instructed his men to close the main gate of the Birch Pass and refused to carry on with the fight. Francis assessed that no matter how powerful the Black Flag Army was, they could not climb up the wall of the pass with bare hands.

But what happened next frightened Francis to the core. The Black Flag Army started shooting arrows with fire jet inside the pass. After this, Mathew's motive was clear. All he wanted was to destroy the entire Birch Pass and put an end to the lives of the people who lived there without even leaving a burial place for them.

gritted teeth, clenching his palm into a tight fist. It was as if all hell broke loose inside the Birch Pass as the fire wreaked havoc. The already blood washed pass was almost lit up in the fire. People were seen running around desperately to save their lives. Houses were getting torched one after another as the arrows with fire jet fell on them. It was as if

the Birch Pass into ashes so he can occupy this place without the slightest resistance. I suggest we retreat right

and ruthless, but it was not until today that Francis had experienced his wrath. The Birch Pass was home to the nationals of the Bright Dynasty, with a small section of merchants of the South Kingdom sharing the space with them. And now that Matthew didn't hesitate to set the entire city on fire, he was not only challenging Francis to open the gate but he was also ready to wage a war against the South Kingdom.

if you don't leave right now!" Becky sounded rather vexed at this momentary indecisiveness on Francis's part.

very mention of Harper. He creased his eyebrows and looked at

evil people have a long life. She must be safe and sound now. Perhaps she is hiding somewhere and waiting to see you get burnt to death at the Birch Pass." Becky played it smart. She knew that the only person who could make Francis move out

a moment of silence, Francis moved his lips and decreed,

Luther's demise and now, Francis' retreat, there was no one to lead the two hundred thousand soldiers. They became disorganized and disoriented. After a span of chaos, they decided to open the gate

In a cold voice, he ordered, "Everyone in the Birch Pass, listen to me. Put out the fires as soon as possible. Anyone who dares to run away will be punished for the crime

and began to put out the fires in an organized manner. Slowly, the civilians in the entire town volunteered to join the team of

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