Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 768 The Library Collapsed (Part Two)

"I didn't expect that this world's balance would hinge on one woman!" Miguel murmured, a hint of sarcasm in his tone. "She can bring disaster to the world."

"Anyone there?" he called out.

"Yes, master."

"Pay close attention to everything in the Starry Palace. Keep me updated on what's going on there. I want to know whether Harper is alive or dead," Miguel ordered placidly. If Harper was dead, he must return to the Great Jade Kingdom as soon as possible to keep his emperor calm. And if Harper was lucky enough and survived, he would have another plan ready. As soon as the thought came to him, he dismissed it with a shake of his head. There was no way that Harper was still alive. She was buried beneath the ruins after all. Even though she was versed in martial arts, he believed she could not make it out of this situation.

"Yes, master."

"Also, I will be going back. Make the necessary arrangements," he added, worry seeping into his eyes. It suddenly occurred to him that with Harper dead, the Heavenly Books in the Great Jade Kingdom would probably be useless. All his efforts from the past few years would have been in vain. "Harper, you must be alive. If you die this easily, it will mean that I have overestimated you. Don't disappoint me."

Harper was buried in the library's ruins. Once she had taken the half Sacred Seal, the library began to shake violently until it finally collapsed. There had been no time for her to run out. Therefore, all she could do was hiding in the corner and avoid being hit by the flying debris and objects around her. Although the library lost the support the Sacred Seal afforded it, its solid foundation had helped her survive.

Huddling in a small corner, she had to curl up to avoid being hurt again. The space was too narrow for an adult to stay in. Her efforts to push the rubble that had landed on top of her had been useless. Eventually, she decided to settle down and wait for rescue.

"I almost lost my life for you. If Lance finds

bit of spiritual power into it. The seal seethed as a ring of light appeared out of it. The light then spread out and circled Harper, as if healing her. Looking at the enchanted barrier the seal had formed around her, Harper felt glorious. Her mind raced, and she

a mess. Lance was the first one to get to the heart of the mess. Looking at the ruins, he wore a glum face. The Holy

Catherine greeted.

do this?" asked Lance in a low

"Yes. She was the only one in the library and has spiritual power. I could feel the spiritual power on her is the same as that of our Holy Article. I think that's

hatred and said, "That means, even though the library collapsed, she may be

will protect her," Catherine replied.

the South Kingdom!" Lance warned as he lowered his voice.

and some mysterious emotion flashed in her eyes. Then she nodded in silence. The Holy Article was remarkably important to the South Kingdom. If Harper hadn't moved it, the library wouldn't

got it,"

Kile asked as he popped up out of nowhere. His sudden appearance took both Catherine and Lance aback. They

to the prince, "Prince

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