Forensic Imperial Concubine

Chapter 766 The Mutiny In Birch Pass (Part Two)

Upon hearing that, Matthew didn't show any expression on his face or even a bit of reaction. Fred thought that he hadn't made it clear enough, so once again, he said in a soft tone, "Your Highness, the soldiers in the Birch Pass are having a mutiny. Luther killed two generals. And now, he's leading two hundred thousand soldiers in a rebellion!"

"I understand." The door of the library was still closed. With utmost concentration, Matthew continued to sit and stare at the exact spot where Harper vanished.

The corners of Fred's mouth twitched while he tried to think about the situation at hand. At the very most, he wanted to ask Matthew, 'Your Highness, did you really understand what I just said? If you allow me, I have more details about it. The riot broke out in the Birch Pass because Prince Francis was rushing there. Once he joins up with Luther, things will become rather tricky. Shawn alone can't defeat the two. Although the three hundred thousand soldiers of the Black Flag Army have already been lurking around in secret, they are not powerful enough to defeat anyone without you as their chief commander. Therefore, the Black Flag Army is of little value to Shawn!'

"Your Highness, Joshua won't follow Marquis Shawn's orders," Fred kindly reminded his master. He refused to give up on trying to get Matthew's attention. He thought, 'If not a single soldier follows Marquis Shawn's command, how can he fight against the two hundred thousand soldiers that are being led by Luther? He's merely going to be drowned by the saliva of so many soldiers.'

With a frown, Matthew said, "I perfectly remember that I gave him the right to act according to his own judgment!"

"Your Highness, I'm sorry but that doesn't mean he could command our Black Flag Army."

"Send him the Black Flag Token then!" Matthew impatiently ordered. He had to stay here, or he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if anything bad happened to Harper.

the library, Fred asked, "Your Highness, did you forget that the Black Flag

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He was annoyed by how useless Shawn was with military concerns, because he actually allowed Luther and his soldiers to organize a mutiny. Now, Matthew had to go back to the


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Then he stood up, turned to Lance, and said, "I temporarily allow my wife to be in your kingdom for a few days. I'm going to say this for the last time so you'd better remember. If anything bad happens to her, I

Ignoring her, Matthew briefly glanced around the hall, looked at Miguel, Kile, and then at the library, thinking anxiously, 'Harp, wait for me. I'll be back soon.'

I'm exhausted, so I'm going back for a rest. Bye." Then

I'm not leaving," Kile refused right away. Arms folded across his chest, Kile started to murmur to himself, "Beauty, you see, I have never given up on you. Only the people who once claimed to love you are not here. It is only I who loves you and will never give up on you.

is. The only one who is taking advantage of the couple's peril is him. But the problem is, who should be responsible for

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