Forbidden Heat

Comfort Me

I nodded my affirmation and he slid two of his thick fingers into my wet hole. I let out dirty moans as his fingers stroked my insides. I clenched my pussy walls around his fingers as I closed my eyes to focus on the pleasurable sensations. I love the feel of his thick and long fingers inside of me but I wanted more. I wanted him.

“Take me inside you, Natalia. I can’t wait anymore…” Edward whispered huskily as his hands starting to lift up my hips. The effects from our fight earlier seemed to be making us want more of each other.

I moved the long dress out of the way which was not hard due to the thigh or even hip-high slit of the dress. I raised my hips to position my pussy opening above Edward’s hard cock. Looking down, I realized that Edward’s hard dick seems to be even bigger today, and it will probably grow even more once inside of me. I slowly lowered my hips until the wet opening of my pussy was touching the head of his cock. I felt its heat burning up my wet slit and I used one hand to hold his cock in place as I lowered my hips to take him inside of me.

“Ah…Edward…it’s bigger than normal…” I moaned as his hard shaft pierced my hole and sank in slowly inch by inch. I slowly lowered myself onto his love stick and felt him stretching my pussy walls. Inch by inch I slowly took him in, my pussy sucking his dick in deeper inside of me, until his whole member was buried deep inside of my hot cave.