“But I don’t love you!” I yelled, quite surprised at the strained sound in my voice. If this is his idea of a marriage proposal, it was far from what I had in mind. I was getting sick of this. Having my dire situation rubbed directly in my face was also not helping. Of course, I knew I could be married off anytime. It is even happening to Zak now as we speak.

Edward just laughed softly in response to my outburst. If my words hurt him, he did not show it.

“That’s too bad for you. I like you just fine,” Edward replied smoothly before kissing my lips once more.

“Enough talk. I believe your 5 minutes has ended. My 15 minutes starts now,” Edward stated before grabbing my body and roughly pulling me on top of his lap.

I struggled and screamed. The last thing I want is for him to embrace me right now. Edward held me to him roughly as he peeled my strapless dress from my breasts. One hand toyed with my breasts roughly as his other arm held me still on his lap. He kissed my mouth wildly to stifle my screams. Thrusting his hot tongue into my mouth rapidly as he sucked my tongue. I moaned my protests into his mouth.

Reiner stood stiff as a statue in front of the door he just walked out of. He could clearly hear Natalia’s scream of anger and frustration. Things are probably going to get a bit violent between those two if it hasn’t started already.