Forbidden Heat

Chapter 26: Midnight Visit

Ah…Lucien’s hands are on my breasts over my nightgown. It feels so good, I wish he would slip his hands inside to touch my skin directly. He’s kissing the base of my neck now…

My thoughts were drowsy with sleep as I felt my body being fondled all over. This must be a dream caused by my yearning for more action with Lucien. His seduction in the bath was apparently not enough to fully satisfy my deep-rooted desire for him and my body was yearning for more.

The hands groping my breasts were squeezing harder. Why is he being so rough with me? I thought to myself as I moaned softly. His exploring hand glided from my breasts down the plain of my stomach to reach the sensitive spot in between my legs and started to massage my clit through the thin fabric of my nightgown.

“Feeling so horny even when you’re asleep?” He whispered with a small laugh next to my ear.

My eyes flew open in shock.

“Zak!” I gasps as I realized that Zak was next to me on my bed. Looking around it was pitch black outside so it must be very late into the night. I could see the outlines of Zak’s handsome face and his wavy light blond hair reflecting the moonlight that was shining in through the window of my bedroom.