Forbidden Heat

Chapter 22: Double-date Cruise

** Back to the present **

I woke up in bed. I was in my nightgown and my body felt stiff. The maids probably changed me when I came back late last night. Too much went on yesterday with Zak and the shock of meeting his arranged-date, Annie, made me forget that I had something to tell Zak.

I grabbed my mobile phone and dialed Zak via my favorite speed dial. He picked up almost immediately as if he’d been waiting for my call. I just love Zak.

“Hey! How about going on a cruise with me this weekend?” I asked with over-the-top excitement, intentionally leaving out all the caveats.

“…with your old man and his new fiancé?” Zak answered back with a knowing laugh. Fuck, he caught on fast. There’s no way I’m going on a cruise as a third wheeler and no way I’m going to enjoy my time with big-boob Angela.

“Please…who knows? His fiancé might fall for your charms and back away from Lucien,” I teased.

“Hell no. I don’t like fucking bitches with fake boobs. I’ve had enough of that in the industry,” Zak replied. How did he know though?

“Why do you think she’s got fake boobs? You know her?” I asked curiously.