Forbidden Heat

Chapter 16: Storage Room Desires

How do I fight him? He’s much taller and stronger than I am. He was now dragging me deeper into the room.

Lacking any other creative ideas, I decided to bite his hand as hard as I could.

“Shit…Natalia!” my captor exclaimed in pain as I bit his hand hard although I am quite sure that I did not inflict life-threatening damages. Finally, the hand over my mouth and the one around my waist was removed.

I turned around fast in his arm just to come face to face with…Edward?!?

“Hi there, Natalia,” he greeted me with a sheepish smile which made him look much younger.

“What do you think you’re doing?...I have to go.”

Bored of dealing with his nonsense, I tried to walk past him but he caught my arm before pulling me back into his arms.