Forbidden Heat

Chapter 10: Let Me Wash You

There’s something heavy on my chest and my thighs. This was the first thought that crossed my still drowsy mind as I slowly woke up. Realizing that I must have fallen asleep while coupling with Edward, my eyes snapped open in panic. The white ceiling above, the peaceful quiet and the soft bed beneath my body was definitely not what I expected to wake up to after that adventure in the enclosed space of the car. Beating all those surprising things was the fact that the heavy load on my chest was Edward’s muscular arm and the load on my thighs was his leg as he slept soundly while cuddling me. Both of us completely naked, his face buried in my neck so that I could feel his warm regular breath against my skin.

Having sex is one thing but cuddling in bed while we sleep is another, it makes me feel like we are actually lovers and I can’t wrap my head around the thought. I have never done this with anyone besides Lucien when I was younger when he was putting me to bed. Zak and I don’t sleep together, we fuck…hard, and Black Zak definitely doesn’t cuddle. Looking down at Edward’s face, I have to admit begrudgingly that he is extremely handsome. His dark brown eyelashes are long, his skin is fair and smooth, his nose…he’s the young and bossy prince version of Lucien. He looks so innocent sleeping here in my arms which is a stark contrast to his personality when he is awake.

Enough of that! Ok…how do I get off this bed without waking the beast?

Slowly. I lightly took hold of his wrist and unwrapped his arm from my body. His lids flickered a bit and then stilled. Phew…now his leg. Lifting his leg might be a bit difficult, maybe I’ll just squirm my legs out from under him? The moment I started moving my legs, his piercing green eyes snapped open with full focus. Plan failed. Panicked, I tried to get up from the bed but clearly, I was no match for his strength and his speed. Edward pulled my arm back and pinned both my wrists above my head before kissing the right side of my neck as he ran his tongue up and down my skin. I shivered at his touch feeling goosebumps forming on my skin.

“Where are you going my slutty princess?” Edward inquired with mock concern in his voice. He shifted his weight so that he was straddling me and leaning down above my body. He kissed me deeply before I could reply, his warm tongue slowly exploring the insides of my mouth. Once again, I couldn’t resist from moaning into his mouth as he entwined his tongue with mine. I tried to struggle against his grip on my wrists but ending up realizing that my arms were sore and I had very little energy left. His large hand groped my left naked breasts squeezing it hard making me yelp into his mouth. He took my nipples in between his fingers and squeeze it hard, making me feel the electric shock run from there down to my clit. For the countless time today, he is making me sopping wet down there.

As if changing his mind of going all the way with me on the bed, he let go of my wrists and got up. Confusion and relief filled me as I thought this is over and I can now drag my poor tired body back home. Talk about ruining dreams, the next moment he had scooped me up with ease into his arms as he carried me princess-style out of the room. Too tired to resist anything anymore with him, at least for today, I wrapped my arm around his neck to hang on.