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Chapter 60 How To Prove

Sadie did not know that Otto went to find Libby. When she received her call again, she was already in another city.

She had transferred to another school, the arrangement should have been handled by Khalid, as she had thanked Khalid in her text message.

She had changed her phone number and sent her a few voice recordings. There were also two evidences that the person had paid Dean Esme, she told her to find Tomas Evans.

After putting the evidence into safekeeping, Sadie looked at the time, found Tomas’s number and called.

The call rang for a long time before it was finally connected to the other side. Tomas’s smiling voice came through, deep and soft. “Sadie, why have you suddenly remembered to call me?”

“I miss you,” Sadie joked, opening the door and went into the balcony.

She had been planning how to investigate about her identity these few days, but she had never thought of him.

If Libby had not reminded her, she almost forgot that Tomas was always very caring towards them.

“I’m still outstation, I would be back around Tuesday and I’ll call you then.” Tomas smiled again, “I heard from Libby that she transferred, why?”

“Something happened, you must have been out of the city these days, the welfare house was closed down.”

Sadie’s tone dimmed as she took in a long deep breath, “Tomas, did you have a crush on my sister?”

Tomas’s coughing noise came through. After a while, he switched the topic cleverly. “Send me her address, who knows that I might be near her new school.”

Sadie laughed and agreed. After she hung up the call, she sent him the address of Libby’s new school.

When she returned into the room, it was already nine o’clock at night.

Ted did not call her and neither did Julian. This realisation was making her very happy indeed.

Opening the app for English learning, she put her headphones on as she did a spelling test on the terms.

been too many messy events, and she had not been attending to her lessons properly. This attitude was certainly not

had once told her, “You have to work hard to get what you want”. She always remembered it.

through her hard work would not be broken easily by the

busy until ten at night, when Daisy returned from outside and brought some grilled snacks and some beer,

throat recently.” Sadie closed her computer and a call came in. Seeing that it was Julian’s number, her brows

would be on a business trip for a

that it was a little tired. Sadie turned and took a

an activity on Sunday, I’ll call you then.” Daisy did not ask

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shadows. He did not even switch on the car lights, if she did not have sharper eyes

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to avoid his touch. Her forehead rubbed against his chin and she felt an abnormal heat, as she could not help but frowned. “Are

his chin landing on her shoulder as he ordered lightly for Ted

so heavy and for its weight to be put

hand and covered his forehead, feeling that it was indeed very hot. She was suddenly quite worried. Where on earth did he go on a business trip to, why was he so sick? Khalid did not

him up all the way with difficulty. When they returned to ZSB Garden, her

Seeing that Doctor Darius was here, she was suddenly relieved as she greeted

received Khalid’s call,” Doctor Darius went up to open the door of the backseat, and reached over to

help out, and she asked Amina to get some ice ready when they went

high, putting him on a drip was not doing much for him, so they had to also lower

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wet a towel, she folded it into a rectangular shape and put it onto his

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his domineering stance, for it to suddenly become tired and sickly, she was not used

put on, Julian was probably too uncomfortable,

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