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Chapter 58 She was Still Alive

Sadie nodded leisurely and took off the earphones by the way. "Why am I not serious? I hope you haven't forgotten that we had already broken up."

Otto was astonished and the blue veins on his forehead jumped up. With a cold face, he moved closer to her, holding her shoulders condescendingly, “You insisted on breaking up before because of the ten million yuan, right?"

Sadie frowned deeply. "What are you talking about? I don't understand."

She didn't even have the courage to speak out when she broke up, how she could persist?

"Sadie, I always thought you weren't a material girl. I thought you were good. It turns out that you are no different from these material girls!" Otto increased the strength in his hands and scowled at her, "Island villa, FQ Restaurant private association, golf course. Do you dare to say what your relationship with that person is?"

Julian said in front of him that Sadie was his wife, so maybe she had already cuckolded him long before!

With gloomy eyes, he pressed her shoulders firmly, as if an enraged beast would tear her at any time.

There were more and more crowds onlookers, and from time to time someone pointed and looked at her with contempt. Paige stood on the periphery of the crowd, looked at them for a moment with a cold face, and quietly left.

Otto called her early in the morning and asked her when Sadie would get up. She hung up the phone and felt something was wrong, so she followed. Just as she expected, she saw him running with Sadie in the morning.

What was so good about Sadie that he had to beg her so low!

“Otto, are you crazy?” Sadie's face flushed with pain, and the frightening scar became more and more obvious.

She twisted her shoulders vigorously, and before she shook him away, two bodyguards suddenly appeared behind her, and dragged her away with great movements, and then an unfamiliar and harsh voice rang in her ears. "Miss Sadie, are you okay?"

" fine." Sadie patted her chest in shock when she heard the call.

Considering her age, Julian said that he would not let her classmates know about the marriage. If the driver came to the school to pick her up, she would be called Miss Sadie.

She thought he was just talking, but she didn't expect him to arrange bodyguards to protect her in school.

Sadie?!” Otto remembered that Samuel Read had said that there was a Miss Sadie in the Mccarthy family six years ago, who was actually Julian's childhood sweetheart, and then his face instantly turned pale. "Sadie, what the hell is going on? You should

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don't make any trouble."

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the call was connected, Otto rubbed the corners of his bruised mouth, still having the mood to keep him in

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and pulled the darts off, then turned and walked to the French window, and said excitedly, "How do you know it is her? She has

Gallagher's team, and suddenly he released the news of his young wife. Was he worried

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the washing, there was a knock on the door.

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