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Chapter 56 Who Are You

Sadie returned to the villa. Her hands and feet shaking uncontrollably, she was panting.

Throwing herself heavily into the sofa, she clutched the phone and wondered why she had to run, instead of staying there to watch the show and tear off his mask.

She thought that he was gentle and considerate and behaved himself when they were dating, which was bullshit as she saw it now.

He didn't treat her as a girlfriend at all...

"Where did you go? I didn't see you in the morning." Julian walked down the stairs naturally with a trace of laziness on his face as he just woke up.

Sadie looked up, glanced at him coldly, and reached out to take an apple and took a bite. "Go outside to get some fresh air."

Julian nodded, pretended to be unaware of what happened, and said suspiciously, "Did someone wake you up?"

"No." Sadie chewed the apple fiercely, trying to force herself not to think about the scene she just saw.

Julian raised his eyebrows, smiling.

After having breakfast, there was no one on the beach. It looked as if the noise in the morning was caused by someone breaking in by accident.

Sadie didn't think much, changed into the clothes he gave her, put on big sunglasses, and went to meet customers with him.

Sadie was wearing black flip-flops and a cartoon-printed bohemian dress of the same style as the celebrity, showing her sexy fair collarbone. She wore her hair down casually. She only put on lipstick and had no extra makeup, which looked as if she was having a holiday.

Julian rarely wore a T-shirt with linen wide-leg trousers. He wore the same type of flip-flops as her. People who didn't know him would never think that he was the head of the famous DHG Group in City B.

When they arrived at the place, the person they needed to meet had been waiting for a long time.

He was a blond foreigner in his forties. He was a little bald, wearing a black T-shirt and khaki wide-leg pants. He had a big belly that was almost reaching the table.

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dislike the man. He didn't greet him or shake

sat down together, Sadie looked at another pavilion not

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Julian was looking at her, she raised

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and turned her head to look at the sea, feeling a bit

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his head slightly and looked at Otto condescendingly, curving his lips. "My wife doesn't

Otto opened his eyes wide in disbelief. As he was panting, he looked at

This time, she was standing right in front of him. He was pretty sure that she was

Otto expressionlessly. Her hand on Julian's waist tightened unconsciously. She pressed her lips

she still had some attachment to him before, now it was all gone. She even wanted to slap him in the face right

Otto's face

seemed that she admitted her relationship with

her. Without anyone noticing, she actually became Julian's

over, curled up Sadie's hair, and covered most of her face. No

her and knew her best. Feeling the anger of her, he habitually lifted the glasses on his nose and said indifferently, "Sir, please get out

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