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Chapter 55 I Can Do It

They lapsed into silence, which seemed to make their breath and heartbeats clearer and louder.

Sadie pulled her hand away and smiled sarcastically, "The birthday cake is Haagen-Dazs. The flavor is blueberry and ice cream. And the flowers are Louis XIV roses..."

Julian raised his eyebrows slightly, and the smile on his face gradually widened. Then he lowered his head again and kissed her to stop her from saying anything.

Even if she lost her memory, some things were always engraved on her mind.

That was the memory he gave her, which would never fade away.

His kiss was domineering and fierce. When it was over, Sadie was almost going to faint. Her lips were slightly swollen. There was some sweat on her forehead.

Julian raised his hand. His rough fingertips fell on her lips. He said in a low and sexy voice, which was quite bewitching. "Except for leaving me, I can promise you everything."

Sadie couldn't see his expression. She was panting lightly, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

Conditions? Of course, she had one.

Tilting her head to avoid his hand, she took a deep breath. Her lips curved a little. "Well, help me find out my family and find the person who dumped me in the garbage disposal plant."

She thought about asking someone to investigate for her. Given Cohen's advice to her before, she suddenly changed her mind.

If Julian helped her, things would be much easier.

Of course, she must also check it herself. After all, she didn't know him well. No one could guarantee that the truth he found would not be fabricated.

"No problem." Julian raised his hand to rub his brow, agreeing readily.

Sadie smiled as she heard that. "I hope you can keep your word."

Julian reached out and cupped her face with a meaningful smile on his face. "I can do... it."

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