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Chapter 53 The Kid In My Home

Daisy saw that Paige was getting physical, her expression dimmed and she reached over to pull her away. “What are you doing?”

Paige loosened her grip, she gave Sadie a long look and turned to sit down. “I’ve seen these clothes on an escort while I was out for dinner yesterday, and today coincidentally, I see the ugliest of our school wearing it, so I’m just touching out of curiosity.”

Sadie’s heart thumped, as she calmed her anger down.

Hearing her tone, she must really not have seen her face last night, and might not even have seen Julian clearly.

Julian’s reputation at Communication University was more than that of any popular celebrity, people upload his photos in the forum every day.

And a bunch of people swooned for him underneath.

If Paige had seen his face directly, she could not have not recognised him.

As she relaxed, she became reluctant to bother with her childish ways. Climbing onto Daisy’s bunk, Sadie put on her headphones and opened the English learning app on her phone, listening while memorising the terms.

Her vocabulary had been meagre during her high school days, and could only understand single terms. For the terms to be grouped together, and further for it to be an article, it seemed quite exhausting.

For Julian to not want to give it to her, it must be more than merely teasing her English proficiency, and there must be some content that he did not want her to know.

Businessmen were known to be cunning, she did not believe him.

Paige saw that she was silent and became more confident, so she said to Riley on purpose, “The eyebrow pencil I bought yesterday is missing, have you seen it?”

Riley shook her head and added that her lipstick was also missing, while saying so she kept looking at Sadie.

The two went on to put on a show, sounding like only their makeup pouch was the only thing left. Sadie pretended that she did not hear it, and exchanged glances with Daisy to keep silent on coordination.

After the afternoon lessons, the police station called surprisingly. Sadie listened to their requests, and called Julian immediately after. She told him that she had to go to the police station and would not be riding along in his car.

To be honest, she kept feeling afraid of going back to ZSB Garden this weekend.

Julian was a grown man, for them to sleep together every day like this, things were bound to happen one day. She did not want to benefit him for nothing.

Perhaps it was because she had read

Libby had not contacted her until now. Every time

her testimony, she saw Julian’s car parked outside the entrance

she could not even differentiate which of the things he told her was

arm reached over naturally, without even the slightest feeling of faking it as he pulled her into his arms automatically. “Where do you want to go for a vacation this weekend?

stiffened as she took his hand away, “Mr Julian, when we’re alone,

you want?” Julian lowered his head and put his chin on her shoulder, laughing in his raspy voice, “You can suggest, of course, I have the right to vote against

rolled her eyes and

was angry, and his smile grew wider. He rolled the tip of his tongue, lightly touching it against his front teeth and leaned over to

tiny sound that was amplified by the ear canal was extra uncomfortable

head and avoided his affectionate actions, her pretty

Julian answered lazily, but there was no indication on his face that he would let her go. He had been

suddenly became quiet. The sounds of his heavy breath became louder and louder in her ear, she could not avoid even if she

suddenly, “Young master, a car is following us from behind. Should I get

was following… Julian let go of Sadie and turned back to

indeed a car following, but their following techniques were not clever and even

his gaze and smiled lightly, “You don’t have to get rid of it, just shake

someone. Once the call was connected he said, “Check

put on her headphones as if nothing happened, and listened to English

competitors. Samuel she met

him. The DHG Group was well known, and no one would not

to English terms for about half an hour, the

that they have reached the airport. She could not help but frowned, “Where

beach,” Julian gave her a simple explanation. He loosened his seat belt, opened the door and

brought her own bag, took her headphones off and went down as

evening sun shone from the

rich were indeed wilful… Sadie thought silently, a similar scene suddenly

footsteps, and was

be some familiar scene appearing

never knew each other before, what was

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