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Chapter 52 Why Were You Still Alive

Sadie smiled, looked up and stared at him. “You have met me before, right?” Julian was stunned and then smiled. “Maybe you are overthinking. Life is different from TV shows. It is impossible that I have met you before.”

After speaking, he tried to persuade her and said, “Six years ago, you were only twelve years old, and I was already twenty-two years old and I was studying abroad. It is impossible that we met each other before.”

“What about earlier than six years ago?” Sadie laughed too but there was no emotion in her dark eyes.

“It is even more impossible. I have lived aboard for many years and stayed in our country for a short time.” Julian calmly said.

If Cohen hadn’t emphasized it many times, he really wanted to tell her all the truth.

He would tell her how did he take her away from the Chambers family, how did he teach her to eat, dress and hide her emotions and so on.

It had been nearly a month since he confirmed her identity. He thought he was careful but she still found something wrong. She indeed had learned a lot when stayed with him for several years. But she was too young to cleverly hide her curiousness.

“Thank you for the enthusiastic answer.” Sadie turned and looked down at the water glass in her hand.

If she hadn't heard that he talked to Cohen about herself several times, she almost believed him. But it didn't matter. Though he didn’t wiling to tell her, she still could know it.

Only she could use the fifty million, she would try her best to be an extravagant wife.

about this, she tiredly yawned and put down the water glass. “I

wrist and looked at the watch. He naturally pulled her up and opened the door of the rest room.

shrugged her shoulders and bit her lips

count.” Julian kissed her forehead then opened the door and left.The door was closed and it became silent. Sadie held

no news report now, many people went to watch it that day. And it must be a popular repost in the circle of

closed her eyes and sat down, leaning against the wall and

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the sea and the flashing lights lightened the dark sea.

a girl could be heard clearly. “Sadie, why are you still alive? Why don’t you leave this world with your mom?”

sound. She felt a tingling

but she didn’t know where to go and she just wanted

All you own now originally belongs to me!”

drowning under the water. She waved her hands weakly and

take you

blankly waved. She finally left the sea. It was on fire

was calling

sweat dripped down

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