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Chapter 51 What do You Want to Ask

Sadie heard his words and unhappily pushed him away. She was miffed and said, “Stop daydreaming!”

Julian no longer smiled and crossed his arms. He looked down and stared at her without blinking. His eyes were full of meaning.

She would know it was true or not soon.

“What happens in the orphanage? Why is it closed? You said you will tell me the truth after dinner.” Sadie felt nervous and scared.

She unconsciously stepped back and kept a distance with him.

His eyes were full of danger and she always thought he would not let her go easily.

“Go to the company with me.” Julian raised his eyebrows, stretched out his arms and easily hugged her. He took her down the stairs and said, “I will tell you if you go to the company with me.”

Sadie rolled her eyes. But she really wanted to know what had happened before. She bit her lips and didn’t resist his touch.

Originally she wanted to call the police station to get more information but she forgot it finally.

She got in the car and buckled up. At this time, Julian handed an IPAD to her then lazily leaned against the chair and closed his eyes. The light in the car dimmed and the screen of the IPAD is extraordinarily bright.

Sadie was a little confused and she clicked the files inside and skimmed it. She tremblingly clicked the photos from the scene. She saw the bloody photos and instinctively clapped her hands to her mouth but she couldn’t help vomiting. “Ew…”

Sadie didn’t know how long it had been and someone stood in front of her. She heard Julian’s voice in a calm tone. “Everyone is on this list and it is similar to what the police found. Your foster mother and the manage officers of the whole orphanage are almost all involved.”

Sadie hesitantly took the water he handed and narrowly took a sip. Her face paled. She looked out the window and shivered uncontrollably.

recording she heard before was also real

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were also women and had their own kids. Did they feel shameful to sell

in a calm tone. “No matter how you decide to do, I won’t stop you and you still

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haven’t suffered any harm.” Julian took a handkerchief and handed it to her. He hugged her and pattered her back

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said nothing and Julian became silent

Sadie seemed to react and followed him mechanically. Her face

Julian felt sore for

calm down. Julian could not help her and asked Khalid to accompany her then he went to the conference room for

case with Caleb had entered the formal negotiation stage and he must personally check it.

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Her eyes looked dark

Julian was busy now and he asked me to accompany you.” Khalid smiled and remembered the first time he saw her. She was afraid and stood behind Julian and called him like Mr

condition these years.“Thanks.” Sadie tried to smile,

water flowed down the throat and into the stomach. She gradually felt warm after chilled by the cold wind before.She blinked her eyes, gradually regained her senses and pretended to say unconsciously, “Mr Khalid, you must stay

been almost 20 years. Why do you suddenly ask this?”

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