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Chapter 50 Shameless

Paige had been targeting her weirdly in the past few days. If she saw herself appearing in FQ Restaurant, she would definitely spread all kinds of rumors about Sadie.

Julian pretended that he didn't understand what she meant and deliberately leaned over so that he could at the same height as her. It happened to block Paige's sight so that he could protect Sadie from being seen.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. And after passing the platform of the corner, Paige was walking up step by step. Her voice talking to the phone was getting louder and louder, which sounded triumphant.

Sadie was so worried that she almost lost control of her hands, trying to loosen her hair.

Julian noticed her reaction and deliberately lowered his head to press against her forehead. Then he used his arm to cover half of her face and stroked her cheek with the other hand to cover the other half of her face.

Sadie gritted her teeth, not daring to speak, but glared at him angrily.

As long as Paige paid a little attention to them, they would definitely be seen.

Julian seemed to see through her mind and quickly adjusted his position, completely covering her face.

"Bye..." Paige put away the phone, stopped unconsciously, and looked at them curiously.

In such a high-end restaurant, there were actually people doing this right on the stairs. The men seemed to be familiar. And she also seemed to know the woman.

When she was passing by, she couldn't help turning her head back again and then boldly asked for confirmation, "Sadie, is that you?"

Sadie was so nervous and the sweat wet the lining of her shirt in an instant.

"Get lost!" Julian let out a low roar, lowered his head, and kissed Sadie's lips. His tongue slid into her lips and teeth, recklessly kissing her.

She ran away just now before he got enough kiss, so he wouldn't let her slip away so easily this time.

Sadie couldn't break away and almost out of breath from being kissed by him, but she was still paying attention to Paige's movements.

Paige was probably shocked, so she did not dare to look closely. Then she lowered her head, said "I'm sorry", and ran upstairs immediately.

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