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Chapter 49 You Have Been Seen Through

Getting away from Julian who always made her nervous, Sadie obviously relaxed a lot.

After she finished, she walked to the washbasin and turned on the faucet to wash her hands. When she raised her head, she saw Robyn and Sara staring at her unkindly.

Sadie lowered her head, slightly curved her lips, and walked out as if nothing happened.

Robyn's face didn't look good since she entered the private room. No matter what Sadie did, she wouldn’t like her. Different from her, Sara didn't quite know Julian, so she didn't hate Sadie so much.

When Robyn took a glance at Sadie, a disdainful smile curved her red lips. Then she called Sadie through the mirror, "Stop."

Sadie paused, slowly turning her head to meet her eyes with an innocent smile on her face. "Miss Robyn, right? You don't seem to be qualified to talk to me like that."

Robyn's face changed slightly. Then she exchanged glances with Sara, gritted her teeth, and laughed sarcastically, "Julian must have given you a lot of money, right? Great acting skills."

"Of course. Life is a play, which all depends on your acting skills." Sadie chuckled and continued to walk outside.

She didn't want to talk to them, nor did she want to argue with them. Julian would handle everything for her.

Robyn was stunned by her and then curved her lips playfully as if she had heard a funny joke, "Young lady, listen to me, a man like Julian is not someone you can control. He just treats you as a plaything."

"Thank you for the advice, ma'am." Sadie raised her eyebrows, grinned, and took the towel from the waiter. Then she lowered her head, wiped her hands dry, and opened the door to walk out.

"Actually, it's not ashamed to do things with money. I do have a higher vision, but I don't discriminate against inferior creatures." Robyn added in a provocative tone behind her. "Who do you think you are showing off to?"

Sadie sneered but did not answer.

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one of the things that Robyn said was actually correct. In the eyes of these upper-class people,

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she was held into his arms in the next moment. Her wrist was a little painful because of his grip, so she frowned subconsciously. "Is

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gleaming. Then she smiled wickedly, "If you really want to know, why don't you ask her

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limbs, which made her tremble. Sadie's back stiffened reflexively and her face

voice suddenly came out through the door. Her coquettish voice was extremely clear, "Maybe she is just an ordinary model. This kind of woman is willing to do everything

where I have seen her.

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was so strong. And he seemed to be a little irritated. She couldn't resist him at all, only to let him

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after giving her a quick kiss. But he never kissed her like this, which was

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