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Chapter 47 Obviously He Touched Them

"Is Julian crazy?" Sadie thought to herself, feeling extremely nervous. They just finished classes, so there would be so many people coming and going.

As she was distracted, Julian's cold fingertips fell on her lips, carefully drawing the shape of her lips. And his low and gentle voice sounded over her head, "Did you miss me?"

His fingers were cold and a bit rough. Sadie shuddered and then answered, "Yes."

Actually, she didn't miss him at all. She even wished him not to show up.

Julian seemed very satisfied with her answer, chuckling. Then he held her hand and walked out from the shade of the tree.

The driver had already driven the car over. The black car was spotlessly clean. The sun cast a golden glow over the car through the branches.

Sadie acted like a thief, watching her surroundings vigilantly.

He was so handsome and conspicuous. If she was seen by her classmates, they might gossip about her.

Walking to the car, Julian let go of her hand, leaned over, opened the car door, and signaled her to get in the car.

Sadie looked up slightly, took a brief glance at him, and then got into the car.

Julian closed the car door, walked around the rear of the car, and got into the car from the other side. The moment the car door closed, Sadie's heart was pounding. She became tense unconsciously.

"Some friends are coming over tonight. Come with me." Julian leaned back in the chair lazily, took her hand naturally, and raised it to his lips to kiss. "After the class in the afternoon, Ted will come back to pick you up to style your hair."

"Okay." Sadie resisted the urge to withdraw her hand and reminded calmly. "I need to go to classes later."

Ted glanced at them through the rearview mirror, which seemed inadvertent. Then he started the car and drove away.

There were not many students passing here, but this car had a special license plate. It would inevitably attract people's attention if it stayed here for a long time.

and got out of the car. Then he found a corner away from

lips. He chuckled and held Sadie into his arms. "Why you

arms. As they were cuddling, she recalled that the police had come to look for her in the morning. She licked her dry mouth and said casually, "What's the matter with the orphanage? Why was it shut

back of her head, rubbing lightly. "Don't think about it. You can come to me if

me, why do you have to ask Cohen to erase my memory?" Sadie thought to

raised his hand to look at his watch and rolled down the car window to beckon Ted to

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stopped her, leaned forward, and

smile, got out of the car as if she were fleeing, and ran back

eating in the cafeteria at noon, Daisy said that her hands were so dry in autumn, so she insisted that Sadie should go to the supermarket to buy

she went anyway. Julian bought numerous cosmetics for her. No matter what she needed for her

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cart, she pursed her lower lip as she passed the clothing area. Seeming inadvertent, she asked Daisy how would a man know the

smirked, covering her mouth. "Why did you

I watched a show with such plots online before, so I am wondering,"

took advantage of her while she

sharp eyes, and they can estimate it at a glance." Daisy reached out and rolled the shirts on the shelf. She wanted to tease Sadie and Otto but

distracted by what she said earlier, so

respected her. At least in

shopping, it was just time

of them knocked on the door for a long time. Sadie looked up and saw that things in her bed had been moved by someone. She frowned but said

checked the time and quickly climbed onto

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Sadie blinked and sneered.

Daisy was going to join a club. Sadie said she needed to go to the hospital. Then she left

parking spot was not fixed, but fortunately, Julian's license plate was conspicuous and

froze when she suddenly saw Julian in the

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