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Chapter 46 What She Forgot

The two who came were policewomen, their attitude were mannered and calm, but their gazes were shockingly strict.

Sadie was puzzled. When she confirmed that they have indeed came for herself, only that she obediently followed them off the field and walked towards the stand on the side.

There were not many people out for a morning jog today, and since the two policewomen were not in uniform, they were not noticed.

They reached the stand and sat down. Sadie swallowed and said quietly, “Can I know on what purpose did you come to find me today?”

“Well, the children in Angel Welfare House are already transferred to better welfare houses, and the deputy director who was on the run is already arrested. We hope that you can recall in detail, what harm she has done to you during her term of position.” One of the policewomen smiled and explained.

Harm… Sadie lowered her head, both her hands clutched the hem of her t-shirt, as she frowned deeply.

Why did this term made her felt familiar, along with the policewoman in front of her?

After about a minute, she raised her head and shook her head awkwardly. “My memories seemed to have been cut off recently, I don’t even know about the welfare house being closed down. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright, because the suspect was just arrested, so we came immediately.”

The policewomen who spoke before raised her wrist to look at her watch, smiled and stood up. “Please remain in touch these few days, we may need your assistance at any moment.”

Sadie heaved a sigh of relief, and could not help to have a smile on her face, “Sure.”

After she saw the two policewomen out, she looked at the time and decided not to jog at all, and she turned and returned to her dormitory.

Daisy and the rest were already up. Paige and Riley were getting ready to go out, Daisy was also tidying her bed.

Sadie slanted her body to let them go, and heard some gossip. She waited for them to walk further, and immediately lowered her voice and asked from Daisy about what was actually happening.


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enquire from their classmate on the side. Her eyes widened in disbelief and the next moment she shared with her excitedly, “Did you hear that the CEO of the DHG Group is coming to lecture

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today was not much different than the usual, dressed in a black bespoke suit

each other in the eyes, Sadie saw with surprise the smile in his eyes and could not help but break out in cold

arranged for every week, and the lesson of Marketing and Planning was always lectured by Professor Turner. She never heard

that Julian would be the new substitute. The common lesson that she was excited for suddenly became boring

was shocked, while she shook her shoulder and said nonsensical words in a low voice. “Wow, I never thought that I would have the honour to be in the same room with the richest man in

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was so angry she almost stomped, as she gritted her teeth and landed her gaze on Norah Cooper and burst out

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