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Chapter 45 Still Missed Him A Lot

“Then help me put on my shirt first,” Julian smiled nonchalantly, while he admired her shy look satisfyingly.

The Sadie who used to barge in to the bathroom to mess around while he was taking a bath would not be shy.

She would even ask loads of weird questions. He always remembered, so he could answer her one by one when she grew up, and also to ask her about the feeling of using it.

Luckily, he lost her but got her back again.

“You…” Sadie returned to the room to get the shirt that was thrown on the bed. She frowned as she went behind him and reminded him in a hard tone, “Arms out.”

They had a deal, he would let the driver send her back to school after breakfast. But god knows where he went cuckoo, when he suddenly wanted her to help him into his clothes.

Julian stood up slowly, and shot her a look, his head lopsided. He turned and embraced her his palm reaching behind her head and pressed her head to his chest, mumbling in a deep voice, “I can’t wait for three months, what do I do?”

Sadie’s back stiffened, her cheek pressed to his broad, muscled chest forcefully. No matter how she struggled it was futile.

That burning feeling came rising up again, her ear was filled with his steady, strong heartbeat.

How would she know what to do, it had not the slightest thing to do with her.

Julian lowered his gaze, as he watched her embarrassed demeanour passionately. He pursed his lips, and finally let her go. “Go, the driver’s downstairs.”

Sadie heaved a sigh of relief, she had just left his embrace when she was dragged back by him. The ring finger of her left hand suddenly had a cool feeling.

She lowered her head, and watched him put a ring on her finger in puzzlement. She frowned. “I’m a student.”

“It’s just a toy,” Julian looked up and spoke calmly. “I’ll give you the full set after.”

Sadie bit her lower lip and did not treat his words to be true.

the school gate and

Stefan Poole, the professor who was teaching the subject was famous in

most, but Sadie quite liked this little old man with a bit of a temper. Every time during his class, she would write down

class, Daisy moved closer and pinched the ring finger on her left hand, and exclaimed in a low

shocked and retracted her hand quickly. She moved her head towards her ear, and spoke in a volume that only the two could hear, “Don’t be so loud, I

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had to buy it. I didn’t want to wear it on my ring finger as well, but I couldn’t call the firefighting department over this two-dollar ring,

you’ll be able to take it

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was over she rushed beside Sadie, grasped her hand and raised it high, “Look, the ugliest of our

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post in the school forum to vote for the prettiest in school,

Paige!” Daisy reached out and pushed her, and she anxiously pulled Sadie behind her. “Something

who identified himself as Sadie’s family found her and hoped that she could take care of

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was wearing a bespoke suit and his aura

regained her balance she rushed forwards and pushed Daisy’s shoulder

the classmates who had yet to leave the classroom was immediately silent,

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Communication University, and was outstanding no matter in looks, wealth or intelligence and talent. It was surprising to everyone when he had taken a fancy towards her. Now that the news

reached out and pulled Daisy away and walked out from behind her calmly. She looked at Paige with a poised demeanour and said, “Even though I was dumped by him, he would never have taken

Daisy’s hand, held her

Looking at the back of her head

threats seriously at all, as she pulled Daisy along and went downstairs, rushing towards the next class

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