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Chapter 41 What Do You Want To Give Me

Sadie huddled in a chair and was in the arms of Julian, so Otto did not see her.

But she was able to see every move of him and the girl so clearly that she could witness Otto's hand reaching into the girl's skirt when he kissed her.

Julian also saw this. Therefore, he leaned slightly, blocking her sight completely and asking in a considerate tone. "Are you feeling unwell?"

Sadie raised her eyes to meet his gaze, endured the pain which seemed as if she were slashed on the chest, frowned, and acted coquettishly. "Yeah. It's too hot here. I feel a bit dizzy."

Julian narrowed his eyes cautiously, smiled as if his plan worked, and took her into his arms. With his hand on the back of her head, he stroked her head gently.

She had to face the cruel reality anyway.

Cohen only erased a small part of her memories. He would tell her the rest in his own way. Even if those memories could not be erased washed away, they were meaningless to her.

Leaning against Julian's chest, Sadie could see what happened on the lawn.

The girl who had grabbed the ball was biting it with her mouth and crawling back quickly.

The more she looked at that, the more frightened she felt. Her back was cold and sweaty.

"What happened today? It actually brings all of you here," Otto suddenly said with a frivolous tone. "The girls this time don't look good. They all seem to have done plastic surgeries. Be careful. They will come to ask for compensation if you break their prosthesis."

"Nothing good will come out of your mouth," Marley raised his head and stared at the girl beside him contemptuously. "Look at your girl. I bet her silicone might weigh one kilogram."

"More than that. They are so big. I think it might at least weigh three kilograms." Nicolas said coolly, not forgetting to drag Cillian into this. "What do you think, Cillian?"

Cillian was silent, but his expression clearly suggested that he agreed with his judgment.

The atmosphere was dull for a while.

Otto was condescending and glanced lightly at Julian who was sitting still, his gaze gradually fixed on Sadie in Julian's arms.

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