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Chapter 40 You Haven’t Kissed Me

It was already ten o'clock in the morning when Sadie woke up.

She sat up while rubbing her eyes. Then she was upset after vaguely hearing Julian’s voice coming from the bathroom.

No doubt, he must have slept with her on the same bed last night.

Julian's voice became clearer after she lifted the quilt up. "What did he say?"

Sadie stood quietly outside the bathroom door and pricked her ears. He seemed to be in a particularly good mood. His low and sweet voice sounded as if it was stained with a smile. "I know. Send him to the airport and tell him I'm on a business trip."

Just then, it seemed like he has hung up the phone. Then she heard the hair dryer.

Sadie raised her hand and knocked on the door while unconsciously licking the corners of her lips.

The sound of the hair dryer stopped, the lock of the bathroom door made a "click" sound and the door was slowly opened.

"You are awake?" Julian's hand fell on her head and stroked gently with a smile. "Come in and wash yourself up."

Sadie raised her head, and she saw his body was by covered a bath towel. The scene frightened her that she had to look away.

What a pervert! Why was he taking a shower at this time, not to mention not wearing nightgown on purpose?

She dodged his hand and tried to move around him. Her arm was accidentally grabbed, and she fell into his hot arms.

"Mr. Mccarthy..." Sadie blinked, while looking into the mirror at a loss. She was concealing the fear and resentment carefully.

He wouldn't really be that hardcore, would he?

"You haven't kissed me yet." Julian raised his eyes and scanned the mirror indifferently. He looked like a kid begging for candies.

It gave Sadie the creeps, but she still stood on tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek with her eyes closed. "Good morning."

"Good girl." Julian smiled hoarsely, while sliding his hand into her nightgown and stroking her skin freely. "Where do you want to go today?"

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