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Chapter 39 What A Pity

Julian was smiling without saying anything, but his hands clenched hard by his side. Cohen's hypnosis indeed worked. Julian could tell that Sadie was behaving so much better, even though he knew that she was just pretending.

But he liked it.

When they walked to the deepest part of the garden, Julian let go of her hand and took her into his arms suddenly. Her back was leaning against his chest. "Khalid just brought it just now. Do you like it?"

Sadie raised her eyes and saw a pair of white swans swimming happily in the pool. She twitched her lips and suddenly wanted to throw him in the pool as well.

White swans were protected animals. She couldn’t believe that he would buy two and raise them at home!

"Do you want to eat them?" Julian knew she was nervous, but still deliberately teased her. "I haven't tried it. Do you want to taste it?"

Hearing that, Sadie felt that she could even imagine the picture when police came over to take them to the jail. She shook her head resolutely, "No."

"What a pity." Julian held Sadie in his arms with a big smile.

Sadie’s lips twitched more obviously. And she was wondering why those two stupid swans didn't fly away from the swimming pool yet.

After standing for a while, the setting sun fell on the other side of the mountain. And the light in the garden dimmed.

Julian tilted his head and looked in the direction of the villa. Seeing Amina was walking towards them, he pursed his lower lip and walked back hugging Sadie’s shoulder.

Dinner was simple but appetizing.

Sadie got so much better from the cold. She couldn’t help eat more without realizing it. When she reached out to get the third bow of rice, she noticed that Julian was watching her, so she only took half-bow of rice.

After eating, Julian's cell phone rang. Sadie didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable, so she got up and went to the living room. Then she heard him saying “Ok, Got it.” Then she saw him hanging up the phone, pursing his lower lip, and starting to search for something online.

After a while, Julian got up, held her hand, and walked out quickly.

we going?" Sadie's hand got hurt a

Then Julian opened the

know what had happened, and she was too lazy to ask. She held her mobile phone and immersed

very quiet in the car. Julian looked a little unhappy. His expression was so cold that

without asking anything.

in front of the best hotel in the

by yourself." Julian handed her a room card, then opened the door and entered the

pushed the car door slowly. With so many rooms in ZSB Garden, why did

was curious, she didn’t

go up by herself. The

the room card. She walked to the window and looked down whiling thinking about

was the first time she came to KY Hotel, but she felt familiar inexplicably. Julian also gave her the same

and snacks. Sadie stood by the window with her body hiding behind the curtain. It might be that the room attendant didn’t see her,

up a cherry, and threw

the phone that Cayden, chairman of HUY International Board of Directors suddenly showed up and left after checking in to the hotel,

Cayden the grandfather or

Board of Directors and DHG Group were two different

She grabbed another cherry, threw

Three tall men came in, one of

corner of the elevator, trying to hide as

Garden." The man standing to her left suddenly spoke, "Mr. Read,

seems to come here for a private matter. However, even if HUY International Board of Directors wants to help Julian, he still won’t survive this time." The man known as

goes for parties recently because of a girl who lives in ZSB Garden now." The

Read glanced at the man with his head tilted and said

way, not daring to show her face up. Fortunately, those people went down to the fortieth floor, and she

first floor and stood in the elevator hall for a while. Then she swiped

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