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Chapter 35 You Can Give it a Try

Julian pressed his lips, his expression looked grim, "What?"

During the meal, all he did was tease the girl; he didn’t show any semblance of professionalism.

Cohen reassessed his choice of words, his gaze slightly glanced over to the car. They were still a ways from where they parked, so they didn’t need to fear Sadie would overhear, but it would take a while to say things clearly.

He looked at his watch, then gave Julian a playful punch, “Don’t worry, I won’t fight with you for her. In the afternoon, I’m stopping by Communication University and will chat with her in private so she can make her own judgment.”

“You’ll be sorry if you dare do anything else.” Julian said blankly.

As they were talking, they didn’t notice Otto slowly driving by in his Maybach.

Sadie had the car window rolled down; her eyes were shut, and she didn’t see Otto’s car either, but Paige saw her clearly.

The Rolls Royce car was already enough to grab anyone’s attention; as for the man with his back turned, though his face was hidden from view, his body was definitely comparable to that of top male models.

“Otto, do you know the owner of that car?” Paige feigned innocence, “I just saw my classmate in the car.”

Otto looked at the license plate through his rearview mirror and laughed as he shook his head, “I don’t know the owner, but that car is worth a hefty sum, so that man must be quite something.”

As he finished speaking, he thought of her last sentence, and added, “Which classmate?”

Paige lowered her head and pretended to say hesitantly, "I knew you won't believe me if I said it..."

How was it possible that an ugly monster like Sadie could sit in such a high-class car? Anyone who could kiss that face of hers without vomiting was already a saint, so anyone who would willingly take care of her must be acting out of true love.

Then again, no one could say for sure; there were quite a lot of men with queer tastes, especially rich middle-aged men.

With that kind of news that broke out in the orphanage, there was no way Sadie was uninvolved!

“Why would I not believe you?” Otto said with a hint of unhappiness, but he hid it well.

she finished saying, Paige pretended to be agitated and

own eyes. The girl in the car really was Sadie. The Maybach let out an ear-piercing sound and pulled to a stop.

pale and instinctively clutched at her chest, she complained slightly,

his eyes were glued to the rearview

the Rolls Royce left and passed by his

halfway; he could see Sadie sat in the car, but he couldn’t make

the roof of his mouth. During the week he had been traveling abroad, who did Sadie meet?

at Paige next to him, then suddenly remembered the event from the orphanage.

the owner had to be at least in

it be that Sadie wanted to break up with him due to the owner of that car? Otto’s eyes

would not stand Sadie being with this kind

her school; as she was about to get out the car, Julian pulled her.

him, her face red with

prevent her from getting away. He leaned his head towards her and whispered into her ear, “My dear, anyone who tried to cross me has

suppressed the anger in her chest, and forced a smile,

looked at her with a forgiving attitude and all smiles.

the corner of her clothes tightly, then loosened her grip; she shut her eyes and leaned in quickly to kiss Julian’s face, “I’m off to

hand to caress her face and smiled, “The driver will come pick you at night, call me

sweat formed on Sadie’s forehead; she got out the car in

for a while, she could still feel him gazing at her from behind her; she

her heart felt as if it was about to burst out of

know what she was up to; otherwise, he would not have said those

she seemed to recall there was a public phone in

there, she stopped suddenly in discomfort, and

wanted to call the hospital and check whether her mother was undergoing treatment, but subconsciously,

how could

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