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Chapter 34 Do I Look Good?

Cohen raised his eyebrows and whispered in a lower voice to remind, "Do a psychological profile first, there is no rush for anything else."

Julian took off his glasses and rubbed his brows. He then went over and sat next to Sadie.

The restaurant was quiet. On non-weekends, only five tables of guests would be welcomed, and it would not accept more than that. Five more tables of guest would be added on weekends.

Compared to the text description in the magazine, the scene there was more realistic and quieter.

After the waiter poured some tea, Sadie leaned back in her chair, clasped her hands defensively and turned her head to look out the window.

The back of the restaurant had several tall French trees. In this season, the leaves had not yet fallen. The sunlight sifted down from among the branches, the ground was dappled with light and shadow everywhere, and the air was permeated with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

When dining in a good atmosphere like this, the cost was naturally high, but for Julian, it was certainly not a problem.

"Sadie?" Cohen greeted with a smile and reached out to push a plate of dessert over. "Eat the dessert first, the mango puff pastry from PH Restaurant has a nice flavour."

Sadie forced out a smile, but her hand didn't move.

"Don't you like it? Do you want something else, I'll accompany you to pick one." After Cohen said that, he stood up and made a motion of invitation.

Sadie didn't want to hurt Cohen's pride, so she pursed her lips and stood up reluctantly.

The table where the desserts were placed was in the middle of the restaurant, Sadie followed him and heard a soft and shallow laugh coming from his mouth in her ears. "How did you meet that shady-looking guy?"

Shady-looking? Sadie looked back at Julian and saw that he seemed to be still reading the document, and suddenly she wanted to laugh.

Was this person really his good friend, the description he used was so precise.

"It's okay if you don't want to talk about it." Cohen lowered his voice, and he had a intend to laugh. "I'm telling you, he's a pervert."

"Is that so," Sadie asked a rhetorical question, the look on her face eased a lot.

than a pervert. He also

changed the topic. "You seem to dislike him

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that Cohen was his best friend. If she said the wrong thing and Cohen went to tell Julian, she

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couldn't be denied that Julian was really a good-looking guy, especially with his glasses on, and his calm and cool aura was

I look good?" Julian put down the towel and had a

out the window. Although she avoided looking at him, her cheeks were still burning,

a psychopath, so

her embarrassed look to the fullest and the smile on his face kept expanding, and his

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folded back his phone and arched his hand with an apologetic face. "I went to answer


currently not feasible." Cohen nodded, and

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of the psychological profile, the situation was more severe than what Julian said. She

probably said the wrong thing unintentionally. After that, her whole attitude

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