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Chapter 33 Things that He Wanted

Sadie had no intention to listen to her subtext, so she didn’t turn her head.

Paige was pissed by her attitude. She couldn’t help herself grabbing her arm, “Sadie Chambers, you shameless bitch!”

Daisy sensed the tension and rushed to take Paige’s hand away from Sadie. She warned, “Show some respect, this is a public place!”

“You are nobody. Public place so what? I don’t get to judge what she has done?” Paige kept her chin up as a sign of arrogance. She sneered, “What a cunt!”

Sadie was suffering from a headache, hearing out her aggressive words, she only glanced at her emotionlessly, “Watch your mouth, or one day you’ll regret it!”

Finishing her statement, she took Daisy’s hand and walked out of the classroom, leaving Paige there being angry.

She had had a cold for a few days, but why she still felt dizzy. The pain was strong, especially in the temple.

“Stop there right now, Chambers …” Paige screamed. Meanwhile, she got a phone call. She was so flattered that she saw Otto’s number. She quickly ho the green button, “Otto …”

“I assume you’ve got off class?” Otto’s voice suggested he was smiling, and he sounded so gentle, “Are you free at noon? Let’s have lunch together.”

“If you buy me lunch, of course I have time.” Paige got so excited.

Clearly he had ditched Sadie. She was doubtful when she heard the rumor this morning, so she was surprised that Otto asked her out.

On the other end of the phone, Otto took a look at his watch. He told her the address, and reminded her nicely, “You don’t have to rush. It’ll take me half an hour to get there from the company.”

Paige’s extremely happy voice came over. She even cheered in a really low voice.

Otto’s smile faded after he hung up the phone. He stood up, head towards the French window and looked afar with his narrowing eyes.

After he got back the 10 million, he got a call from his father, warning him no to interact with Sadie anymore. His father added that he couldn’t and shouldn’t mess with her.

to call

kinda shocked that she would even bring

feel lucky that some guy wanted her. But he thought of the call from his dad,

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so he had no choice but

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of locks Sadie had was related

be a nice guy in front of Sadie just to get

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twist of fate, he intended to coax her into searching for the locks when he gave her the presents that he bought from

In a determined way.

squeezed between his eyebrows and turned around.

PA thought he was bothering by what to eat, so she asked the moment

table by the window. I’ll be there in a minute.” He took the coat on the chair and put it on slowly. “Tell the driver to

it.” The PA answered and left the office in a respectful

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belonged to that guy, he would be the winner

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of the road and opened the door of the Rolls-Royce unwillingly with

files and leaned over. He measured her temperature by hi lips. Once he knew she didn’t have a fever, he kissed her and

in the car, for a few times, Sadie almost threw

feel any better. She couldn’t remember anything, and the only thing she wanted

noticed her strange behave, which made him frown unconsciously, “Do

for a while with her hand covering her mouth and

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