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Chapter 32 Find This Man

Sadie walked down the stairs. Julian had already entered the car, wearing a pair of metal-framed glasses while holding a document in his hand. His cool and calm look seemed like he had suppressed his sensual passion for a long time.

She sat in the back. She closed the door, unlocked her phone, and logged into WeChat.

Libby Webb had the habit of sending WeChat messages. She called herself yesterday and if something really happened, she would definitely send her a WeChat message.

“Where did this come from?” Julian suddenly said. He was holding a pair of dark jade locks in his hand.

Sadie was stunned, she shook her head calmly. “I used to wear it, but then I lost it. Where did you find it?”

She didn’t remember who gave her this pair of dark jade locks. She used to wear it on her hand and she had rarely removed it. After losing it, she searched for a long time but she never found it.

“In your bag.” Julian kept it naturally into his own bag in front of her. “I will keep it for you.”

Sadie pressed her lips and didn’t fight against it.

When they reached outside of the University, Sadie got out of the car. She heard his voice unexpectedly. “Call me immediately if you aren’t feeling good. I will pick you up at noon to have lunch.”

She turned back and look at him, then closed the car door without giving him an answer.

The driver reversed the car and left. Khalid Hall cleared his throat and pulled down the car visor. He then passed Julian a diary unhurriedly. “Lady Sadie might have seen this.”

He personally went to the orphanage last night. He found a safety box in Dean Esme’s room. He saw this damaged diary after unlocking the safety box.

He couldn’t help but wanted to kill someone after reading the diary. He didn’t know how to talk about it.

Julian reached out his hand and took the diary. He flipped through every page. Whenever he read anything related to Sadie, his face turned fierce immediately.

After a long time, he closed the diary. The veins popped out at the back of his clean hands. “Find this man!”

His wife was only worth 50000 yuan!? If he didn’t find this man and beat him up, it wouldn’t be easy to relieve the hatred in his heart.

will have a result soon.” Khalid wiped

University and he became Cayden Mccarthy’s assistant. Then DHG Group

knew better than him how important Sadie was to Julian in

know whether she was alive or not.

paid attention to her at University.” Julian threw away the diary, showing a murderous look. “I won’t allow

his hand to pick up the

treatment of Dean Esme. Don’t let her die so quickly and don’t let her feel so well.

to meet her last night. I believe that she will make a smart choice.” Khalid lowered his voice and had

Khalid’s efficiency. He closed

lectures for the first-year

not many students inside. She found herself a seat. While holding her bag, she

still blank no matter how much she tried to recall. So, she sent a

about ten minutes. She gave up on the thought of

finished a class in a blur. She felt the dizziness again

found a place to sit. She

It was still turned off after she tried a few times. She kept

she forget? Why did she feel so uncomfortable in

Daisy White suddenly showed up and sat beside her. She said

head with a bitter smile. “I don’t know. I had wanted to cry for

common when you have a cold. You will be fine after a few days.” Daisy patted on her shoulder while

hand to stand up with

anymore. Why did she still feel

to accompany you to meet with the school doctor?” Daisy saw her being so bad, she quickly suppressed the urge of asking her about the incident

underage girl was beaten up and killed by social workers. This news had spread among her

was unwilling to be humiliated so she attempted to escape. This had made those social workers angry and she was beaten up to

of Sadie being sent into the police car was

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