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Chapter 31 You Are My Cure

Julian’s eyes flickered slightly, and under his deep, dark eyes, there was an ominous aura coming from him. “Which answer do you want to hear from me?”

She suddenly mentioned this topic, and there is a high chance that it was because she was simulated by the incident that happened earlier today.

The doctor said she cannot be simulated, whether it’s on a physical or mental level, it's best not to stimulate her to remember what happened before.

Sadie did not answer back. She broke away from his arms, turned and got out of bed. Then, she picked up the minced pork congee with preserved egg on the tray and ate it while sitting at the side.

Since she had not eaten both lunch and dinner, the soft and sticky porridge was the best option of her.

After eating half of it, she looked up and saw that Julian has been looking at herself, with a thoughtful expression on his face, and then he quickly withdrew his gaze.

After a while, she realized that he was still looking at her so she frowned and said it a heavy tone. “Do I have to continue living there?”

“Yes, is there a problem?” Julian leaned lazily against the bed; his eyes slightly narrowed.

Her acting skills were really not great, but he knew that in time she will become a different person.

Sadie shook her head, and unexpectedly said. “Isn't it true that as long as the matter concerns me, you will definitely help.”

Julian scrutinized her, his gaze playfully took in the panic she could not hide in time, his tongue curled up and gently topped his upper jaw, saying, “Yes, and I also want to have complete control of your future.”

“And the reason is?” Sadie looked at him with a calm expression. “Don't tell me that you like me because of my looks, this reason is not good enough.”

She sat there; her body leaning slightly to the left with her hands casually folded on her lap. Her palms clenched into fists, seeping with sweat, the back of the nightgown she wore was even getting colder and wet.

When Julian was serious, he had the steadiness corresponding to his age, and adding on with the aggressiveness that he was born with, the aura around him very compelling.

She had never had contact with a successful person before. So, when facing him, the pressure she felt was so great that she had a hard time breathing.

However, she could not back down now, she had to stay by his side and find out why he married her. She also wanted to give Haris a bad time with the help of his power.

“You are my cure.” Julian then close his legs, and calmly got up to leave. “Go take a shower and go to bed earlier.”

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hearing that, Julian immediately carried Sadie up from the

found her after so long, he absolutely will not allow her to die

nearby hospital, then he took out his cell phone and called Khalid, asking him to contact hospitals from other countries as soon as possible, he wanted to arrange for her surgery in the shortest

he put away the phone and entered the CT room, asking for the examination results with

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past few years, so he could read some of it, and after listening to his explanation, he subconsciously asked, “What kind of

cause her to suffer from short term memory loss, or amnesia." The doctor finished his explanation, printed out the film, and handed it to him.

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