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Chapter 30 Are We Husband And Wife?

Sadie’s heart sank. She shook Liddy by her shoulders and asked, her eyes cold, “You… What do you mean? Speak clearly.”

Liddy snorted lightly and shook her hands away in disgust, “I am tired. You want to know? Then go ask the police. It will all come out into the open soon any way.”

Sadie retracted her hands and opened the door with cold feet.

She had also been sold. She forgot the way to go downstairs. She looked up and saw Julian standing outside the inpatient department. She smiled at him like a psychopath and walked mechanically past him.

The sky had darkened outside; it was even darker than her mood.

She went back to the orphanage in a daze. She searched in her bag for a long time but still couldn’t find the key. At this moment, the last of her strength left her as she slid down on the ground and began to cry bitterly, her face buried in her palms.

All the warmth was fake. The place that she called home was actually a fiery hell.

It was ridiculous that she tried her best to save that woman.

“The girl who was killed was horribly assaulted before she died. I hope you can cooperate with the investigation and provide some clues.”

“You might need to go to the hospital for an examination in the future, we want to determine the number of girls who were harmed.”

“Calm down, and try to compose yourself a bit…”

The policewoman’s words circled her mind again and again. Sadie raised her head from her hands, trembling. She stood up by grabbing the railing, dug out the key from her bag and finally opened the door.

She had been living at this house since she was adopted, Dean Esme also lived here. If what the police told her was true, then she could not have been completely unaware of it.

“You have also been sold, but seeing you like this, you must not remember.” Liddy’s words resounded in her head like thunder.

Sadie bit her lower lip as she rummaged through the boxes. She found the key to Dean Esme’s room and opened the door tremblingly.

her room. Whether it was cleaning or tidying up, Esme always did

wardrobe. She blinked, and took it out with some trouble. Then she tried to open it by

she was too lucky, or Esme too

inside and a thick diary

on the jade lock which she used to wear but later lost. A bleak smile appeared on her face as she took it and put it in her pant pocket after hesitating for a

a bit but she was unsuccessful. In the end, she tore the diary apart violently and opened it to

jumped out for her attention. “Sadie,

and cold shock spread throughout her body to her fingertips and toes, drenching her soul in

Liddy was not lying.

put the safe back in the wardrobe. Wiped her fingerprints off of it, closed the wardrobe and walked out of the room with casual

she ran down the

on and the orphanage quiet. It looked faint and

breeze, Sadie’s eyes gradually became sweaty and hot, her vision blurred but she didn’t wipe

of the main gate in a hurry and

her somewhat angrily. She suddenly laughed strangely and said, “Is watching the drama unfold the whole

with me.” Julian’s face was cold, he

She didn’t have a home… Sadie laughed and laughed, tears falling

Julian took her to the car in his

his arms like a puppet doll, Sadie’s

wrong and couldn’t stop himself from saying, “Would you like to

my fault. I didn’t protect her well enough. Whatever she went through, it’s all my fault.” Julian’s voice was cold, “You will continue to follow the investigation of

nose and nodded

report it, it was still going to spread like fire through social circles. Sadie was going to inevitably be surrounded with rumors and

Sadie continued to sleep soundly as if trying to

her upstairs and personally changed her clothes into pajamas. Then he went

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