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Chapter 27 You Are Also Mine

He looked at the screen darken and then Julian stood up to stretch his limbs.

Chambers family sent a girl to the old residence who looked almost identical to girl? Did it mean that the Chambers family knew that she was at B City?

The features of a girl changed significantly when she grew up. The first time he saw her, he didn’t recognize her. It was Khalid who said that she looked like who he was looking for and was confirmed through DNA testing.

What was the Chambers family trying to achieve? He was deep in thoughts when the phone beeped on receiving a message. It was the picture sent by Khalid.

They looked rather similar… no, they were identical. Even the birthmark on the collarbone was the same. His eyes squinted as he enlarged the birthmark and then he started to laugh coldly.

Did the Chambers family think that they could produce a fake and he would gladly accept her? Even if he didn’t find the real Sadie, he wouldn’t think that that girl was Sadie. Facial features were just a portion but not everything to identify her.

They lived together when she was five years old and slept under the same blanket. At eleven, she gave him her first kiss and told him that she wanted to be his bride. Her fragrance and smile left a deep impression on him and were something that cannot be replicated with surgery.

Julian deleted the photo and scoffed. He called Khalid again and said, “Inform my grandfather that I’ve seen the photo and that girl is the one I’m looking for.”

“I understand. I’ll contact the old residence.” Khalid said and then with a deep tone, “Should I arrange for some gifts to be sent over?”

“Khalid, the show is not acted that way.” Julian rubbed his temples and instructed carefully, “Just say that I know about it and confirmed that it’s her. When the Chambers family didn’t receive anything, they will naturally get anxious.”

“Okay. I understand.” Khalid exhaled and continued, “I’ll arrange for someone to keep an eye on the developments at the Chambers family.”

acknowledged and ended the call while

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it onto the chair. He glanced at the bathroom door and then walked

was rather good. girl must have been terribly scared of him. She crouched in the bathtub and

video but he couldn’t see her body. Thus, he mischievously

stood up in the bathtub. She desperately tried to cover her body and her face was red from the warm water vapors. She yelled furiously, “You pervert! You even

and waved in the air and said, “This is just an intercom, specially installed for

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intelligence?” Julian licked the corner of his lips, “Or do you think that

her teeth. She turned to take the toothbrush and toothpaste and began to

camera. He quickly washed up and went out only to find out that the

room, Sadie heard his footsteps walking away and consciously patted her chest in relief. She turned off the lights and crawled into bed and took out her

trust her and looked like her acting skills were awful. She was lucky not to believe Talia to go into

for Julian’s name and there was no meaningful information. There was a school public forum on those people who moved from overseas but there was no information regarding where he was from. Even his actual age could not be determined. Some said that he was in his 30s and others said that he was in his 20s. Everyone was in disagreement. After searching for a while, she still couldn’t find anything meaningful. She set the

that the headmaster would not ask her who Julian was. She wished that Julian wouldn’t be so crazy as to send someone to watch over her round

started to shift towards a warmer position. Julian narrowed his eyes and waited

entered. How did she survive over the past six years being so careless? He placed his leg over her and smelled the fragrance of her body before closing his eyes

the night and felt that something was crushing her. It was so heavy that she

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