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Chapter 26 He Had Seen Through It

Sadie was startled and her back was covered with cold sweat but she maintained a calm expression, “I’m just feeling unwell from the cold. What made you think that I’m sad?”

Julian looked profoundly at her and hugged her without warning, “Lean onto me and rest for a moment if you’re feeling unwell. We are a married couple after all.”

Sadie lowered her head and rolled her eyes in a position that he couldn’t see. Fuck the married bullshit. He was taking advantage of her for not understanding English. One of these days she wanted him to know that there was a price to pay for bullying her!

She closed her eyes as she was forced into his broad chest and listened to the sound of his strong heartbeat which almost drummed her to sleep.

She suddenly recalled the familiarity of that feeling like she had fallen asleep in his embrace a long long time ago…

She started to get drowsy and fell asleep. When she woke up, the car had already stopped near the villa. The surrounding area outside the car was dark and dimly lit by moonlight. Sadie laid in a trance momentarily in the embrace of Julian.

The backseat wasn’t spacious and was just nice for him. It was obvious that the space was insufficient with her squeezed in but he maintained the same position throughout and didn’t move a bit.

He must have had some secret reasons for choosing her to be his wife. With his abilities, he could have found any kind of woman he wanted.

“We’re home.” Julian lowered his head to kiss her. He struggled slightly to position himself to get out of the car.

Sadie yawned and also got out of the car. Just as she stood up, he suddenly bent over to carry her up and walked in large strides into the villa.

“Are you trying to scare me to death?” Sadie was shocked awake at this point and instinctively held onto his arm.

Why did he like to

the second floor, he placed her onto a chair and turned to grin at her, “I’ll prepare the water and we’ll have a

Sadie stood up angrily and her eyes were filled with rage, “Mind your

is what married partners do together.” Julian grinned. His dashing features

turned her head. When they signed the contract, it was agreed that it was all for

lowered his head and used his finger to tilt up her chin. His expression revealed that he was up to something, “My illness can only be

panic in her eyes. He grinned unnoticeably. It looked like she was genuinely terrified and would escape if he were to push

mean?” Sadie totally

make me…” Julian took out his other hand from his pocket and held her waist firmly. He then gently laughed

her hands. She glared at him in surprise and

attractive eyes and low laughter reverberated from his throat, “I’m

when that girl got

tonight!” Sadie was terrified that he got uncontrollably aroused and warned angrily,

she quickly turned and rushed towards

and patted her chest to calm herself down. How was she to live the days ahead? She had no clue

towards the mirror and looked at herself in the mirror and started to frown deeply. She had shot herself in the foot. It wouldn’t be wise to terminate the agreement now. What if Julian were to demolish the welfare home? After these six

eyes after much consideration and turned off the bathtub tap and mechanically took off her clothes. It

and submerged herself and closed her eyes. The warm water rose and she thought about the way Julian treated her. It felt like he knew a lot about her and yet

one thing which was he wasn’t someone that

This was in a casual condition that he got angry. It was unimaginable how he looked

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