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Chapter 24 Some of Hard Breathing

Being astonished by the information, Sadie’s eyelids started to twitch. She looked pale to ask, “How is she?”

Julian said, “She is not well. You love her so much?”

He talked so peacefully that Sadie did not realize he was trying to know more about her. Sadie nodded and answered, “At that time, I was left in a garbage with a high fever in a coma. Some nice cleaner reported it to the police, then Dean took me to the orphanage.”

Julian did not talk more, but grabbed the tissue in his hand tightly to show the joints of the hand. Who was so mean to leave a teenage girl there?

He narrowed his eyes and threw away the tissue to ask, “Anything else?”

Sadie stopped the topic and avoided his eyes, saying, “Nothing.”

Julian smiled slightly and looked at her. He said, “So, we’ll go to visit her. And I know you had a boyfriend when you were younger. But I won’t mind it.”

“Uh…” Sadie was surprised by how soon he changed to another topic; she was almost telling him that it was none of his business.

With a frown, Julian watched her trying to know more about her idea. It seemed that Otto played an important role in her life. He started to expect what would happen.

He was eyes-narrowed and got closer with Sadie to give her an unexpected kiss. He said, “I don’t mind it. However, you should know the guy would go dead for sure if you loved him deeply.”

Although he talked about it with a smile, this was kind of a warning to her.

Sadie walked backwards by instinct to avoid more body contact with him. She said aggressively, “You are not my boss!”

“But I am your husband.” Julian replied her with simple words and held her soft hands to stand up, “Let’s go.”

Sadie got wet on her back of the dress and tried to follow him calmly.

Julian looked weird, up to no good tonight.

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kept calm to say, “Thank you.”

believed she should drop the act during a visit of Dean.

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pinched the middle of his eyebrows and asked the driver to get to the

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to say, “I don’t ask for it. The paper doesn’t work at all.

between the seat and his chest, “Are you sure the paper doesn’t work at all?”

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think so.” Julian used his fingers to press her soft lips hard, “You are

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side door to see more private bodyguards

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actress, Sara Brooks, got a new boyfriend whose father feels not well to come

three years. Her boyfriend is from a prestigious family. And

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