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Chapter 23 You are My Wife

“You moved out?” Libby sneered and played down the problem to say, “I come to sign the notice of critical illness. Nobody has seen Raya from yesterday. Do you think she took the money to go?”

Sadie bit her lips to tried to calm down. She answered, “What would you like to talk with me? You should know I have got nothing about our orphanage.”

Libby started to laugh at her, “I am asking you just because you’ve never known it. See you.”

Soon, Libby hung off the call, leaving Sadie listen to the busy tone from the phone.

With her mobile phone in hand, Sadie was stunned by what Libby said. So, her number had been changed; in fact, she was just informed of her broken mobile phone.

Sadie was suffering from a headache that she tried to relieve by having a rub by herself. However, she remembered what Julian told her when giving the mobile phone and IPAD to her, which made her feel worse now.

Julian told her this was a new number, but at that time she was too dizzy caused by the common cold to keep it in her mind.

After having the porridge, Sadie went upstairs to check her contact list on the mobile phone. Finally, she was much offended by not having the number of Otto on the list.

Shit! How could he decide her contact list?

Sadie cursed Julian greatly. She could not expect how he asked for the leave today to her teacher; what he did might greatly embarrass her in the school.

She went to wash her face in the bathroom to allow herself to feel better. And then she looked everywhere to get some pocket money and opened the door to go downstairs.

Julian would be the last person that she tried to call!

Just the moment, Amina was busy in the kitchen as well as the other two maids were tidying up the living room. Nobody stopped Sadie from going out.

When coming out, she covered her eyes from the strong sunlight with hands immediately, together with a deep breath. Suddenly, she stopped herself.

Sadie realized she could not go. If not staying here, she would never know about the truth of her family; besides, the orphanage would be removed. No matter what Dean had done, all the kids there should not take such a terrible result.

If Dean did not take her to the orphanage that year, she would have died in hospital.

information about him. No one

a respect way, “Madame, would you like to go

garden.” Sadie stopped thinking more and walked down in a dizzy mind, still holding her mobile phone tightly.

wife. It was really a big trouble

garden everywhere telling the exceptionally artistic preference of the owner. But she was not happy to enjoy

like to call Daisy, yet to know what to say. The

while, Sadie unlocked her mobile phone to check some news about

Even if there were most information about him from the magazines of economy and finance, she only read some words such as “mysterious”, “low

know what the real background of Julian was and what they had been like before. In addition, why did he tell his friend that he found

sunlight or from the worse

was frustrated to go back to the villa and went upstairs

dizzy as before. Looking at the clock, she threw the

could be heard clearly. She heard someone opening the door and cleaned her face

eye contact with him to know

her, asking, “Why didn’t call me?”

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to call

her carefully to ask, “Did you forget? Or unwilling


eyes turned red with rubbing her nose.

and asked, “Still not well? May I ask Doctor Darius to

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and passed him with sneezing, “I’m hungry.”

shoulders to pull her back and carried her in his arms, “So

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wife now; please accept it even

not following the laws of the US. I have not got to the minimum age to get married here. The paper doesn’t work at all.” Just now, she looked at

her now?

So, you should also know about the result of your overdue loan. Right?” Then he had a laugh

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