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Chapter 22 Thick-Skinned

The car drove away, and the sound of the engine slowly faded. Sadie didn’t know where Julian was going, and she didn’t bother finding out about it. She finished her meal and went upstairs.

There wasn’t anybody else in the mansion except for Amina and two other servants.

She didn’t want to take a shower nor go to sleep, but the two servants kept staring at her silently like guard dogs.

She had no choice but to agree to let them prepare the bathing water.

She took out her phone and remembered that Julian said that her old phone broke from a fall. She quickly looked at the contacts saved on her phone.

Luckily, the important contacts were still saved on her phone. He did help her moved her contacts over from her old phone. Though, the messages from Otto were all gone.

She closed her eyes and her chest hurt.

She was now living in Julian’s mansion, she even signed the wedding agreement. She had no right to continue being in a relationship with Otto.

She hugged the phone and fell onto the bed. She blinked her eyes and tears started to well up in her eyes.

“Lady Sadie, the bath is ready. Master Julian ordered that you had to take a shower before you sleep.” The servant stood in front of the bed and reminded her politely, “Please don’t make it difficult for us.”

Sadie opened her eyes and wiped off her tears with the blanket. She stood up and went into the bathroom.

The servant had prepared her pyjamas and the bathtub was already filled with water. She took off her clothes and looked at herself carefully in the mirror, she lifted her hand and touched her collarbone unconsciously.

Why did he mention wanting to bring her to the tattoo parlour? Was it because this scar was too ugly, or was there another reason for it?

She touched the protruding part of the scar, it was a bit lumpy.

Dean Esme never told her how she got this scar. She first saw this scar after she woke up at the hospital. Though she never paid much attention to this scar, she would occasionally touch it and that was it.

She felt like the part where she got the scar held a special meaning. She shook her head, and she stepped into the tub.

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and closed her tired eyes.

needed to think of

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a long time and fell asleep eventually. By the time she woke up, she was already on the bed. There was a light

of the bathroom. He was wearing a white cotton pyjama with his chest exposed, she could see

she suddenly realized that she was buck

eyes. He threw the towel on

shocked speechless. She wanted to grab the blanket and get out of the bed,

tomorrow. I’ve already told your headteacher about it.” Julian covered himself up with the blanket, inched closer and hugged her familiarly.

and kicked him, she then wrapped

dubiously. He leapt towards her and imprisoned her between the mattress and himself, he then said mischievously, “I’m your husband, there’s nothing perverted about

the thin silk blanket had creases on it because she was grasping

look at it if only you can understand it.” Julian laid down next to her,

too much, he shouldn’t keep mentioning about stuff that

every night when she was 5 years old until

naked, she kicked him again and wrapped herself in the blanket as

Bastard, pervert!

arms and didn’t let her move. He caressed her waist with his rough palms and warned her, “I don’t know what I’ll do

head felt numb.

had inhumane strength, she couldn’t possibly win him in a

smiled seeing her staying still. “We can go at it as aggressively as you want after you recover, I will be

was angry and embarrassed, she pinched

a part of you that I had never touch or seen before,” said Julian as he

him hard. He could feel that she was frightened, he retrieved his hands, but there was a weird feeling

bully her too much. She was meant to be together with him and hence he should be patient,

edge, her face was flushed under the covers and her clear eyes were

body and didn’t say a word, she bit down hard

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