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Chapter 20 Found Sadie

Libby Webb walked out of the ward. She took a deep breath, lowered her head and sent the recording file to Sadie Chambers via WeChat.

She also wanted to leave the orphanage, but she had lost her only chance. Now she couldn't get rid of Esme Harper's control over her whole life.

There were so many children in the orphanage. However, only Sadie and her were really adopted and in the same household registration book with Esme.

No matter how much she didn’t like her or envy her, she still hoped that she could be free instead of being kidnapped by that old witch.

It would be awful to be treated at the late stage of cancer. Sadie was so silly that she might really lose her mind, just like she did at the beginning… Sold herself stupidly.

It was not that she sympathized with Sadie, she just wanted Esme to die!

In this way, she would be completely free, completely get rid of that dirty past.

After seeing the recording was completely sent, Libby looked up and took a deep breath. Then she walked away in a hurry.

The sound of high-heeled shoes stepping on the ground gradually drifted away, and soon disappeared into the elevator hall in the middle of the corridor.

Julian McCarthy put away the Pad, took off the earphones and threw it to Khalid Hall. "Go and find out who gave the money to Dean Esme in the orphanage when Sadie was adopted."

He took out Sadie's mobile phone, unlocked it, logged in to WeChat and opened the recording file, received while he was talking.

After listened to the files with his lips pursed, a murderous look appeared in his eyes.

How dare those people who wanted to sell his men; they were asking for death. He put the phone away casually, and then he pushed the door and sat down by the bed.

Sadie lay on her side quietly. Her eyes closed as if she were asleep, her cheeks were so red because of the fever. Her long curled eyelashes densely laid out, casting a faint shadow on her dark eye socket.

She began to perspire. There were big beads of sweat on her forehead and nose.

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Julian's familiar voice suddenly came over her

Sadie looked up instinctively.

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