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Chapter 19 I’m Your Husband

Her question stopped Julian, then a light smile slid across his lips. "Are you confused, you don't even know your own husband?"

Husband... real shameless! Sadie silently whispered. She was irritated by it. "Can you have a little contractual spirit? No one is here to watch you act."

Julian rolled his tongue and licked his lower lips instinctively, and he leaned towards with his forehead onto Sadie's forehead to test her temperature. "Where else is it uncomfortable."

It was a natural action. It was not an act.

The clean and fresh scent of his body spread, and Sadie instinctively tensed up, her heart was beating fast as if it was about to burst out of her chest.

Otto had never given her a temperature test like this.

In a trance, a familiar feeling came back to her. Her temples had a sudden pain, and she pushed him away.

After having some deep breaths, she opened her watery eyes and shrank back in disgust. "You're not a doctor!"

"Then I'll call a doctor right away." Julian lowered his eyebrows and got up to open the door of the ward.

Khalid Hall waited outside the door and was shocked to see him come out with a gloomy face. "Is Lady Sadie still not awake?"

"She woke up." Julian pressed his brow, and his face showed slight displeasure.

"That's good." Khalid exhaled quietly. It was good that Sadie was awake, but his expression wasn't right, it was even worse than when she wasn't awake just now.

"It's not good, get the specialist in the brain department over here, and her chief doctor." Julian turned around, paused, and added, "A fever is not so bad that it can cause a person to faint."

Could it be that the injury on her head had altered? Khalid was stunned, remembering the test results he had received yesterday, and a cold sweat suddenly broke out on her forehead.

Don't let anything happen this time.

Khalid said

beside the bed. He looked at

was not fake at all, and Sadie was slightly stunned and shook her head. "Just unwell with a

good that you're okay, even though it's an act..." Julian took out a handkerchief and carefully helped her wipe off her makeup, and

like she got stung by a wasp and avoided his hand, snarling

and slowly drew back his hand, his

was real. She'd had that look every time she went to the basement with

fun as it was to tease Sadie, he didn't like it when she showed

for a while. Her eyes were gradually souring, and she closed them

doctor said that Dean Esme's second operation had not gone well and that

the country soon, and he said he would help with the situation, he certainly wouldn't lie

the matter could always be adequately resolved and then she could find a way to get out of it. She would not be foolish enough to abide by the agreement and pretend to be husband and wife with him when he had forced her to

she and Julian were a real

couldn't let people laugh at him for getting cheated on, although she loved hearing him say goodbye to her gently, loved the warm, soft touch when he kissed

it was being choked hard by a large invisible hand.

for her would become

up from school whenever he

the brain department and the chief doctor came in together, breaking

of the way and ordered Khalid on something at the side, and then

a bit, but

then arranged

asked the nurse to send Sadie back to the ward, while he went to the doctor's office to ask about the cause

that she didn't get enough rest. She had a cold followed by a fever, and that she

it was really the because of the cold. Julian thanked the doctor, pursed

he saw Khalid standing at the door and

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