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Chapter 18 Putting on a Show

Sadie clenched her fists which were hanging next to her thighs tightly into a ball after asking the question. Her knuckles were turning white from the tightening of the skin.

“I said, I need a bride,” Julian stared straight into her eyes. He smiled slightly seeing the glimpse of anger and hatred in her eyes.

She was extremely obedient when she first came to the Mccarthy family, but now she was like a prickly hedgehog.

It was fun and fresh to see her extend her quills.

Sadie wouldn’t normally speak in such a harsh tone to him. In the first two to three years, she would even seek his opinion for everything she did.

Because of this, Cayden Mccarthy, Julian’s grandfather, didn’t like her that much. He thought that she wasn’t bright and didn’t have a mind of her own. He didn’t think that she was a good marriage partner for Julian.

One could easily judge a person’s personality in the future by looking at their temperament as a child. She was almost ten years old back then, but she was still seeking for Julian’s opinion on what to eat. She was also shy and fidgety, she would often lower her head in front of people.

He would say that he liked the present Sadie even more.

Bright and baring her fangs, it was how she should act for her age.

“You’ll toy someone and keep them at bay, just because you need a bride?” Sadie snickered. She let go of her tightly clenched fist and swung her palm at his face.

Julian reacted quickly and grabbed her hand, his seductive thin lips smiled ambiguously. “I remember saying before, that this hand shouldn’t be used to hit others, especially me.”

Sadie couldn’t break free of his grip as he had inhumane strength, she then squealed, “Go to the psychiatrist is you are mentally ill, stop bothering me!”

“You really mean that?” Julian stopped smiling and the temperature around him dropped. “I’m not done talking yet, don’t be so agitated.”

It was so quiet in the living room that one could probably hear if a needle were to drop on the floor.

Sadie felt humiliated for the first time in her life, she glared at him angrily and her face was turning pale, “You crazy bastard!”

Julian didn’t care, but a hint of displeased could be seen in his deep and quiet eyes. He walked towards the priest who was standing on the other side and said to Sadie, “You are just my wife on paper, just put on the show with me. If you can’t, then I will demolish that charity house.”

“Put on a show? Why?” Sadie couldn’t believe her ears, her eyes were now wide open. Was he bored out of his mind that he pulled so many stunts just so he could force her to “put on a show” with him?!

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