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Chapter 17 Shameless

Sadie spent a day in the hospital. It was noticed that the surgical operation of Dean Esme getting on well and she was sent to the intensive care unit.

In the afternoon, Talia Burns called again to inform her that the work for the wedding had been confirmed on Sunday morning at 9 o’clock.

Upon hearing this, Sadie was not happy at all as she had no clue on what to do. She was so tired that she laid down on her bed after having her dinner.

Libby didn’t care about her mother when she came back late. Her face was inflamed with anger when she started criticizing Sadie who was not capable of making money.

With anger, Sadie then sneered, “Bullshit! Unlike you whom you will spend five days getting a room with others!”

“What do you mean!” replied angrily by Libby while throwing those new bought novels towards Sadie’s bed.

“If you don’t want people to know, don’t pay for the room yourself next time!” Finishing her words, Sadie took up those novels and threw them outside. Subsequently, she turned over her body and slept with her eyes closed.

This made Libby angry and speechless and she was scolding her till the midnight.

Lazy to bother Libby, Sadie herself also forgot to remind Libby to set a slower speed for the ceiling fan before sleeping.

The next day at 8 o’clock, Sadie woke up and prepared herself before going out.

Just stepping outside, she saw a black Rolls-Royce parked by the roadside which made her familiar.

She patted on her chest when her heartbeat accelerated, slowly, she went around to the front of the car to check the license plate. When she was sure that the car was not belong to Julian Mccarthy, she relieved.

She would always have a belly full of anger when she thought of that pervert.

Walking near to the car, the passenger seat door opened where a man with a calm and cold face got out of the car.

Although Sadie was very sure that the license plate of the car was not belong to Julian, yet, she still felt that the driver seemed to have same character as Julian who had cold face and made others hard to communicate with him.


please get in the car.” He politely invited

with startle. She looked around and was wondering there could be a camera around somewhere, this

be calm, she then got into the car, and the rear seat door closed. The housekeeper instructed the driver to depart

by Sadie about what she would need to do but was stopped by the latter with a cold sound, “Today’s ceremony is very simple, what you need to do all the way is only

her head, she

to prevent things

sneezing and her eyes became itchy and painful

a flu. She sat up straight, taking out the cold medicine from her

well that this job offered high remuneration and so, she shouldn’t cause any trouble to Talia

who had taken the medicine, leaned back in the chair when she started sweating and

show, she would be together with her colleague, but this time, she had to

her most surprise, the authority requested her

was very serious, his outstanding and strong aura made Sadie dare not to utter a word when she wanted to make some

stopped slowly. Sadie who saw a beautifully designed and decorated courtyard through the car window suddenly

crew were so rich that they not only rented

Garden, a place in City B where everyone knew billionaires used

the car

nodded her head, doubtfully followed

some requests while passing a piece of contract. He then

the housekeeper where she should sign it as she didn’t

as the contract signed was in

the stylist to prepare herself

Sadie kept calm and silent while

the work which was paid with sixty thousand for a wedding cameo performance. Even the double of the actor might not be able to get such

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