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Chapter 15 Problems Encountered

Sadie narrowed her eyes and stared at the phone that Khalid was holding in his hand.

There was a breeze, ruffling the hair she used to cover the left side of her face, revealing the big, ugly scar.

For a good while, she pursed her lips and turned around indifferently. "I have nothing to say to him. Next Monday, I will pay back the money."

She ran away without looking back, faster and faster, and in the blink of an eye, she was no longer in the crowd.

Khalid stood there, ended the call. He shook his head and sighed.

Was Master Julian too much, making her so angry? But they can't be blamed as the guy in the Newman family was not yet in control of the full power. The free cash flow in hand was used to collect luxury cars, so there was no way to take out that much money at once.

Even if it weren't for them, the money would have been recovered eventually.

Embezzling public funds was not a joke, and besides, the guy of the Newman family was in Paris with his mistress, how come he could treat Sadie as his girlfriend.

Back to the entrance of the bank, the two managers were warm and courteous in sending out Julian.

Khalid nodded at him, went over to open the door, and waited for him to get into the car before getting in the front seat.

"Is she angry and sad?" Julian pursed his lips. "Wait until I tell you when the wedding is. Also, call the hospital and ask the dean to talk to her personally."

Unless a top international medical team took over the treatment, Dean Esme won't survive more than three months for her current illness.

She was so filial, so she would definitely choose to agree to his conditions without hesitation.

"Understood," Khalid responded and immediately took out his cell phone to call the dean.

Julian leaned back on the chair, raised his hand, and pressed his eyebrows, the temperature under his eyes faded a little.

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related to the one from the Read family." Khalid took out his Pad, flipped out the information inside, and handed it over sideways. "The year the cruise ship caught

irritably. "Keep checking. I heard that the Read family intends to

nodded and carefully put his Pad

long, clean fingers falling onto the Pad's screen, the corner

did the scar on the guy's face get there?

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23rd floor

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called Otto, who explained the situation, saying, in a very self-conscious manner, that he had booked a flight for

care of it promptly and would never let Sadie and her mother be kicked out of

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not that Sadie cared about letting Julian make a joke of her but was because she suddenly realized that she could never rely on others, and only herself was the most

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large sum of money. Therefore, she had nothing to complain about,

heard a knock on the door and turned back to see it was the nurse. She then went out slowly. "What's wrong, is there a change in

reason for her visit

door, walking

her 40s, wearing golden bezel glasses, and had a very regular face. She had met the attending

in their medical standard. But when she heard that a deposit of at least three million yuan was required to completely control

other treatment available?" She asked weakly and turned her

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