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Chapter 14 Rejoice Too Soon

Sadie narrowed her eyes slightly and held her head high. She looked frankly at Julian, who was walking towards her slowly, "What a coincidence! I was just going to look for you."

"Are you deciding to pledge to marry me?" Julian stopped a step away from her and looked at her with a smirk.

"Nuts!" Sadie lowered her eyes and said with a cold face, "Please come with me to the Merchants Bank if you have time. By the way, bring the title deeds of the orphanage with you."

With that, she didn't even look at him, and lifted her feet and walked out.

Julian pursed his lips and turned around.

When he sat back in the car, he saw that she did not seem to want to get into the car, he could not help but smile. He instructed Khalid to drive the car over.

"Lady Sadie has changed a lot." Khalid also saw the expression on Sadie's face.

She still looked familiar without looking at the left side of her face, only her nature had changed a lot. She had become a bit stern, and a bit naive and ignorant of her age. It was true that she was much more interesting than before. No wonder Mr. Mccarthy was not in a hurry to force her.

Khalid turned the Rolls-Royce around and drove it slowly to a stop next to Sadie.

Julian lowered the window and said in a light tone. "Get in. I won't charge you for the ride."

"Thanks, no." Sadie gave him a contemptuous look and struck out with her bag.

Julian was stunned. In the next instant, a series of low, pleasant, soft laughter emanated from his throat.

She still had her pride. He wondered if she could still be so calm to refuse him after she heard the bad news one after another.

There were four major state-owned banks near the hospital, but only no Merchants Bank. She had to walk a long way to get to a branch. Julian got off the car, showed his black card to the lobby manager, and was immediately invited to the VIP room.

Meanwhile, the manager of the branch had received a call and was on his way from the head office.

CHATELDON he brought down from the car, taking a sip

branch's lobby manager originally made the tea, but when she saw the bottle in his hand, she had to silently carry it out, put it down,

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time?" The lobby manager looked at Julian with

here in person, and not to the head office but to the branch. He was not going to transfer the

politely. Although there was no smile on his

she couldn't ask any more

As soon as he entered, he shook

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he turned around and glared at the lobby

polite. The customer I'm waiting for will probably arrive in a

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smiled, and could not say

understand how Julian suddenly appeared here, so they

head and stole a glance at Julian in the reception room, then pursed her

black card customer. Even the bank president had to be polite to

found him extremely well educated and friendly. If he hadn't helped explain just now, her

The dark, shiny hair fell down, almost

half-sleeve cotton shirt with blue pencil pants underneath and a pair of white cloth shoes on her feet, looking

manager and branch manager glanced at each other

it was a personal matter he was running. So it was not a

by Khalid. She saw Julian lazily leaning on the sofa. At once, she furrowed. "Where's the title deed? I'll transfer money to your account as

up the water, gracefully unscrewed the cap, and tilted his head to take a sip. Then he looked at Khalid with a smile. "Show it

and opened his briefcase, taking out

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orphanage, and

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