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Chapter 13 Something's Wrong

No bad perfume, no heavy makeup, her dry, clean scent brushed his nose along her hair.

He reached out to turn on the light, turned slightly sideways, and his eyes unconsciously fell on her white, rosy cheeks. His gaze changed.

The powder cover was removed, and at such a close distance, the bruises under her eye sockets were obvious, and the fine fuzz on her face could be seen clearly.

The scar on her left cheek became more and more startling.

"Ted," Julian spoke. His tone was calm. "Drive slowly. Just get there before her dormitory building closes."

The driver nodded and slowed down the car.

Khalid looked through the small window of the fender and vaguely saw Sadie sleeping soundly on Julian's shoulder. He couldn't help but smile.

Tomorrow, he would arrange a thorough examination of Lady Sadie, so as to determine whether her memory loss as psychological or due to organic pathology. This would enable them to better formulate the next treatment plan.

Mr. Mccarthy was only 14 years old when he brought Lady Sadie back from the Chambers family, and she was only 5. He spent the next seven years caring for her. It took him more than six years to find her, from the cruise shipwreck to now. He would not allow her to have any more mishaps.

Before he knew it, the car drove down to Sadie's dormitory building.

Julian tilted his head and rubbed Sadie's head habitually. Then he withdrew his hand and said lightly. "Sadie."

"Yes," Sadie murmured. She struggled to open her eyes, and in the next instant, she immediately straightened her spine. "Where are we?"

How reckless she was that she had fallen asleep while still resting on his shoulder!

"Get off." Julian's voice was cool. But there was a smile hidden under his eyes. She actually knew how to be shy. She'd never been shy before when she'd asked him to sleep with her every day.

head, and her cheeks burned hot. She opened the door to get out of the car and

to school? He was really quite a

was distracted, the black Rolls-Royce drove out and turned around to leave in an instant. She stood in front of the door, rubbing her somewhat drowsy eyes, watching the car pull out of sight, then turned around

Sadie finished her morning classes and went to the bank to check the balance on the card. Otto gave more money than she thought he would, and it was

hospital sometime this afternoon. She said that Dean Esme could be transferred to a general

this, but unfortunately, she

But instead of the double room, she was in before, she was in a single VIP room now, and there was an extra female

heard the caregiver say that Mr. Newman had arranged for her to come here, and then she couldn't help but curl her lips sweetly. Otto was always like that. Anything as long

her clothes up to dry, took off her gloves, and said with a smile, "Madam is in good spirits today. Miss, you should

smiled. Then she moved a chair to sit by the bed and asked Dean Esme with concern

the medical bills." Esme trembled and lifted her hand, caressing her head. "I didn't raise you

sure." Sadie winked at

asked why the title deed to the orphanage was mortgaged to DHG Group and explained that Julian had gone to the

yuan. As long as they didn't owe DHG Group more than that, she could pay Julian back this afternoon

by me to pay off the loan owed to the bank by

hard with my sister and we'll soon be able to pay it off.

Esme smiled, and then she remembered another thing. "By the way, Doctor Rees will come over later to take you for a medical checkup. It's time for you

her hand in hers. She blushed and lowered

up to him if he doesn't mind, but your face has to be cured." Esme pretended to be angry. After saying that,

do as you say." Sadie had

have the money to get cosmetic surgery? After paying off the

Esme fell asleep. Just in time, Doctor Rees came over and

it was a physical exam. She didn't know if he would

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