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Chapter 12 Can’t Understand It

In the back seat of the car.

Julian leaned back in his chair, he clasped his slender hands on his legs, and lazily shut his eyes.

Sadie sat uptight besides him, unable to relax one bit, with a facial expression filled with anger.

For a while, she kept licking her lips, then said in a mocking tone, "Even the CEO has to come collect debt, is DHG Group about to close down?"

Julian raised his eyes slightly, then let out an "hmm" in a lazy, relaxed tone.

Sadie was speechless, then she tugged at her sleeves with both hands and stared at him angrily, "What exactly do you want!"

His silence and "hmm" just now made her feel incredibly frustrated and irritated.

Julian looked at her from the corner of his eyes, then he leaned over and playfully smirked, "What… do you think, hmm?"

She didn't eat dinner yet, so he wanted to take her to supper, yet she didn’t even appreciate his kind gesture.

"Is Mr. Mccarthy lacking women?" Sadie raised her hand and pressed against his chest, blocking him from getting any closer. "Plenty of women out there are willing to serve you head on."

"I'm lacking a wife." Julian glanced down at her hands casually, then smiled, "Sadie, are you trying to seduce me?"

Sadie blinked, then quickly withdrew her hand; the back of her hand was covered with sweat. "Crazy!"

She must be out of her mind to want to seduce him.

Julian leaned forward further, close enough that he could kiss her lips if he lowered his head. He looked on with interest at her annoyed expression, but his smile eventually faded.

It was dim inside car, but neon lights flooded in from both sides of the road, and they revealed the look of fear on her face.

her, he tried hard to suppress the temptation to kiss her. She was quite an interesting character; it

the Chamber’s Family, and it took her a long time to recover during her stay at the Mccarthy Family, but she still

an unfortunate accident. On the first day when she arrived at Howard’s, she had a nightmare and clutched onto her pillow late in

since then, she has slept together with him. He was already used to the days when she slept peacefully in his arms each night. He was used to taking care of and protecting her. He originally planned that, once she turned eighteen, they would go to the United States to get registered for marriage, but who knew that what awaited him was six years of segregation without any news.

Sadie felt uncomfortable as he kept staring on at her. She reached out her hand to push him

she was ugly, but was it really necessary to keep

face, gave it a light squeeze, and

all night; all she

dead silence again, and for a while,

arrived at their location, Sadie got out the car. The second she

was an incredibly famous Western restaurant; both the atmosphere

like her,

turned to look at her. "You don’t

nearly choked. He wasn’t short of money nor women; so why does he act

that she stood out from the crowed and perked his interest?

took long

in the car was too strong, or maybe Julian just

one glance at the menu, and a tingly headache started to form. "I don’t understand

raised his eyebrows, then he looked down to hide his surprise. Then he ordered her

through on how to cut steak, the waiter already placed the

now. Whenever they

he suddenly remembered what happened on the first day when he brought her to the

as she held a knife and fork. Her big eyes blinked on innocently, as she whispered for help. "Big brother Julian, I don’t know how

mistreated her, so she never even ate at the dinner table. Even though he knew all this, that day was the

calmly said, "Here,

aback; before she could even refuse, Julian’s aura covered over her, and his hands held hers to show

huge hands were warm, so warm that, subconsciously, she wanted to pull away.

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