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Chapter 11 Being Watched

After a set of anxious catwalk, Sadie Chambers turned around and walked back. By accident, she realized someone was looking at her and felt scared.

It wasn’t easy for Talia to get this job. Hopefully, whoever watching her wasn’t trying to pick on her and not pay her.

She had seen this kind of issue before. Her colleague accidentally sprained her ankle and her performance fee was deducted by twenty percent.

Even top models couldn’t guarantee there wouldn’t be any unexpected issue on stage. Yet, they couldn’t bother less, not paying you the full performance fees simply meant no.

She went back to the private room that was used as the backstage. As soon as she walked in, she immediately put the tray back in its original spot. Then she picked up another cheongsam and put it on.

Even if there was any minor problem, she had to finish her walk for this half an hour.

As she finished changing her clothes, she unexpectedly saw Talia Burns standing in the middle of the house with a dim face and she was suddenly shocked. “Talia?”

“You don’t have to go out anymore.” Talia removed the scarf in her hands and carefully tied it around Sadie’s waist. “Follow me quickly.”

Sadie was confused as she was dragged outside. She only reacted after she got into the car and she asked with doubt, “Talia, did I do anything wrong?”

“No, you did well just now. A minor mistake doesn’t matter.” Talia let out a breath and showed a smile on her face. “You stay in the car and you won’t be paid less. If the others asked, just say your stomach is not feeling good. Can you remember this?”

Julian Mccarthy’s assistant called her personally. How would she dare to let Sadie perform catwalk again? Especially in this sexy costume. She still wanted to live.

Something didn’t make sense. This girl was so ugly. Why would Julian, a powerful man, be interested in her? It was not only him but also Samuel Read who was inside.

He actually asked her whether Sadie did other ‘work’ which almost scared her to death. These rich guys really had some different tastes.

Sadie pressed her lips into a line and nodded. She felt that Talia was hiding something from her.

However, she wasn’t willing to tell her and Sadie didn’t ask any further. She was taking an unfair advantage as she only performed for only a turn and she would still get the same performance fee as her colleagues.

to manage the stage again. You just stay here.” Talia

was extremely confused. What was actually Talia hiding from her? Since last

smiled at her, she felt fear

the other colleagues out, showing a relaxed face. Sadie looked at her

no unnecessary problem had occurred because of her mistakes. Everyone got into the car and saw her sitting inside earlier. They were curious and asked her about

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shop and changed out of her cheongsam. She received the performance fee tonight and returned to the

his assistant to send the card to the orphanage. The card was given to Libby Webb and she couldn’t wait to

would have enough money to pay back Julian

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he give me anything?” Sadie put

her eyes and hardly suppressed her detest towards Sadie in her mind. She raised her head from

borrow money from him. He lent her but

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and walked quickly to pick up the card. “Sister, you don’t have to take up that many tutoring jobs anymore in the future. I will return Dean’s medical

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called Otto like that before. Had they been this close after only

about her being silent, she showed a smiley face. “Dean is recovering well from the

work this hard and she could finish her college at ease when

me.” Libby replied dully. She turned over from her and showed a

good body proportion as her, but she still had a good body shape as

tongue. She relaxed herself and took her bag. Then she opened the door and

She couldn’t spend the night here unless it was the

she took out her phone to check the time. Suddenly,

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