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Chapter10 Little Silly

After she ended her phone call with Talia, Sadie took a look on the time, she sent a message to Daisy asking her to leave the door open, she then went to Milra immediately.

After she changed her outfit, her face suddenly flushed, She then put on her shirt and exited the door curiously.

“Why am I dressed like this to a clubhouse opening?” she thought.

Talia was waiting for her colleagues to finish their makeup in the dressing room. Sadie was about to ask her why dressing so sexy, just at the moment , one of her colleague asked the same question.

“It’s a good pay. anyone who is reluctant to join can leave now,” said Talia. “30 minutes walk with 3 outfits, pay 10,000, this is surely a good pay.

The colleague was embarrassed and continued the make-up.

Sadie gave a long breath, sat down, opened the box and started the make-up though it was cheap.

They arrived at 6:30 though it started at 7:30.

The clubhouse was located on the side of downtown where was nearby the city park, it was close to the museum. It was definitely not as eye-catching location. There was only a classical lantern outside the clubhouse.

Sadie was confused when she reached the clubhouse.

She felt that the clubhouse was familiar though it was the first time she came.

She asked Dean Esme about things before she was 12 years old, but Dean Esme said Sadie had a fever that caused her to forget her childhood days.

She checked the working schedule and Sadie found that she had a terrible fever and her face was burnt causing it to be inflamed. Her situation was critical at the moment.

At the time, several top professors were having a study meeting there, and one of the them was the classmate of Dean Esme, she was lucky to survive because of Dean Esme.

Her relationship was closer to Dean Esme compared to the other children.

was abandoned or it was a trafficking case. Just Dean Esme was

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She was really hurried.

every time she thought about it. But Dean Esme’s expression always made her frightened, she could

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phone and she was quite exited. “it is said that Samuel Read of


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to do with us.” one of the colleague said. “are you expecting him to be interested in one of us ? don’t be silly, it’s not the time to dream

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laughed out too and then sat for a while, Sadie went to the bathroom as

was not a good mood. After hearing his words, she widened her eyes in

the phone call. She was about

call with trembled hand, and another hand raised to her chest and pressed her exciting heart, her

little silly,” said Otto. Otto was like to blame her. “if it was not Diego went to the hospital, and saw your sister, we

Sadie apologized


didn’t say this because she just didn’t want to hear the words from those who didn’t believe their love, and said she was

need, the password is the date of your birthday,” said Otto gently, “you don’t have to do part time job, it is tough and not

was talking there, and she added, “ call me

“that’s good” then he ended the

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