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Chapter 9 Always Running Short of Money

Upon hearing Julian’s question, Sadie opened her mouth, wanted to say something, but immediately shut it tight. She then blushed and turned her head to the side.

Back then, she told him she hadn’t got time to visit Dean Esme yet just to buy some time. Since it would be Friday the next day, she was still contemplating if she should call Otto for help. She didn’t expect Julian to squeeze in on her like this.

“It’s already Thursday today.” Julian slightly pursed his lips, then turned around and left in long strides.

The orphanage’s property ownership was indeed in his hands, but he didn’t mortgage it to DHG Group last week, but only yesterday. The hospital which Dean Esme was admitted into actually belonged to DHG Group. Thus, Julian could naturally ask Khalid to liaise with the hospital so no one could visit Dean Esme.

Sadie was stunned and fixated on the ground. Sweat rolled down her cheeks. Chill ran down her limbs. It was already Thursday. If she couldn’t raise enough money in the next three days, the orphanage might be brought down to ashes.

She took a deep breath and went after Julian. “Mr. Mccarthy.”

When Julian heard her calling, he curled his lips and slowed down his pace.

“Mr. Mccarthy.” Sadie paced her breathing and looked at him with poise. “Will you return the orphanage’s ownership if I pay you the money on Monday?”

She took out her phone and opened the audio recording. “I want to have a recording as proof. I believe Julian Mccarthy, the president of DHG Group, will not go back on his own words.”

“The ownership will be returned when the money is paid.” Julian smirked devilishly and looked at her condescendingly. “Well, if you can’t pay it by then, I can consider accept another form of physical payment.”

“I…” Sadie blushed and stammered. She instinctively took a step back.

This scoundrel! Sadie felt something was always off when she encountered him. She always felt an extreme pressure and a peculiar sense of familiarity.

She would even have an impulse to act like a spoil child with him. This was a feeling she had never had with Otto.

Julian narrowed his eyes to hide his impulse to smile. He yanked her over and caressed her lips. “Were you scolding me?”

Sadie felt chills ran through her whole body and her heart was thumping. She glared at him furiously. “You jerk, let go of me!”

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